Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 29th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 29th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with tiwari and vibhu drinking alcohol. They start fighting. Tiwari tells vibhu he will tear him apart if he ever jokes about his business again. Vibhu says I will blast you if u ever point at my joblessness. They fight as tika tries to bring peace in them. Anita and anguri come and they make peace and pull their husbands home. Tika is sad and says to anguri and anita to tell them. Vibhu and tiwari beat tika before going. At home anita tells drunk vibhu to make amends to the fight and not put it forward. Vibhu says tiwari started it and I will not be his little brother anymore. Anita says she will make tiwari understand. Vibhu says okay then only he will be his brother. Anita says okay let tikas marriage happen then you both can part ways. There anguri too makes tiwari understand

same and they understand and sleep as they are drunk.
Next day at home everyone is ready as at night it’s the engagement ceremony of tika and saraswati. The arrangements are made.
At night all the town people come, including tilu, doctor, pandit. Happu singh sits beside saraswatis father and says that finally tika is getting married and I am happy for him and saraswastis father says yes me too and my daughter will go in a very well mannered house. Saxena says yes. Anita says that first they will do the engagement and then everyone will dance. Everyone say yes. As the programme starts suddenly malkhan comes in handcuffs and tells tika that you are getting married and you forgot your friend? Tika says who are you? A policeman comes and takes malkhan with him as malkhan says see tika you will regret this. Father asks who is that man? Happu says he ran from a mental hospital. Saxena says yes I won that mental hospital and he is one of the patient who came running here. Father says okay.
Before ceremony starts father says he wants to give his respects to all the men of the house and he puts ok tilak and does saxena tiwari and vibhus aarti. They all take blessings.
As ceremony is about to start tiwari mom comes. Anguri is scared and everyone is stunned and scared. Mom says what is this happening and why is your house closed anguri? Mom tells tiwari to say. Father asks who is this fat woman? Tiwari says she is our aunt. Mom looks at tiwari puzzled. Tiwari tells everything to mom in her ears. She says yes I am their aunt and came for engagement and she goes and sits beside saxena who is her brother in front of father. As they sit anita says the ceremony will start now. Tika and saraswati exchange rings and the engagement is done. Father says now dance and let the dance be on a good etiquette song. Anita says she knows a good song and everyone dance on baby doll and then on an old wedding song. It’s a moment of rejoice and dance and everyone takes part in dance. After the ceremony ends father says he wants to talk to tika tiwari and vibhu in private tomorrow. Saxena says okay.
Next day morning in frontyard. Saxena is there with father and tika tiwari and vibhu are standing. Father says to saxena that their manners are very good and like a star. Saxena tells if our manners are like star then yours is the entire universe. Father says yes and smiles. Tiwari says if manners talk is done then lest proceed. Saxena suddenly slaps tiwari. Tiwari is shocked. Saxena tells is this what I taught you to interrupt when two elders are speaking? Vibhu starts laughing and saxena slaps him too and says that did I teach you to laugh at your elder brother when he is getting a slap? Tika is shocked and looks down. Vibhu and tiwari look at tika angrily and say in mind that this is all because of this tika. Father says your manners are very good. Then he tells saxena that he noticed a thing that both his sons vibhu and tiwari have a huge house but tika doesn’t have one and why is that? Saxena says let the marriage be done and even he will have a house. Father says then okay and let him have a house and then marriage will be done because he doesn’t want his son in law and daughter to be a burden on tiwari and vibhu. Saxena says okay then tomorrow only I will tell my eldest son tiwari to register his house to tikas name. father says yes that is good. Tiwari is completely stunned. Vibhu looks at him and laughs and makes sign of neck cut.

Precap: anita tells tiwari that name his house on tika and he doesn’t have to do it permanently and after tikas marriage he will name it back to tiwari. Tiwari is annoyed but says okay he will make a registration tomorrow.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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