Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 29th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 29th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with,anguri is trying to wake up saxena but he is not getting up and there comes vibhuti and he also asks him to get u but he is not and then he asks anguri wat happen and anguri tell him tat he came to me and asked me to hit me when I said no he started anusing tiwari so I hit him and vibhuti then tries to wake him up and finds tat he is dead and anguri gets frighten and vibhuti asks her to calm down and pull saxena in and looking at anguri closely vibhuti says tat she looks very beautiful and she asks wat and he says nothing and they both pull saxena in and then anita and tiwari come and see saxena lying on sofa and then tiwari asks anguri tat y did she hit him and anguri says tat he was abusing u so I hit him and tiwari asks her tat y did she do it and vibhuti says rit

y did u do it and tat to for tiwari and tiwari says people also abuse u saying u useless and vibhuti then says even people says tat ur a bad person doing business of undergarments and anguri says yes even saxena was saying this so I hit him and behind saxena is seen alive he seems to be only in shock and then anita suggests tat they should call police and she asks vibhuti y didnt he call police immediately and vibhuti says they would have arrested anguri and then anita says tat there is law and she says we will hire a lawyer and vibhuti says tat its of no use even though she will be arrested and he says tat he has an idea and says tat we will leave saxenas body some where and tiwari agrees to it but anita says tat this is wrong and vibhuti gives her promise by his name and she keeps quiet while behind saxena is seen moving and then vibhuti says tat lying dead saxena looks so fresh
Vibhuti and tiwari make saxena wear skates so as they can drag him easily and they are taking him away and tika and malkha come with a light a camera and shoot vibhuti,saxena and vibhuti while vibhuti asks wat r u doing and they tell tat they have started new business of video shooting for marriages and so they are practicing and tiwari vibhuti ask them to shut it and tika asks y is saxena so silent and vibhuti and tiwari act as if they are drunk and they tell them saxena is too drunk so they are taking him home mand had made him wear skates so tat they can drag him and then tika and malkha says tat even I m feeling to have some liqor and says lets go and they leave and tiwari then says to vibhuti tat vibhuti tika and malkha has shooted us with saxenas body and vibhuti then says tat and also they have seen us with saxena and so we will take him home back and they come to tiwaris house and tiwari rangs bell and he gets a shock and he touches vibhuti and he also gets a shock too.
Anguri is crying and anita is trying to console her and she says to anguri tat vibhuti and tiwari are doing wrong while anguri says tat I m the culprit and I have murdered saxena and bell rangs and anita goes and opens door and she sees vibhuti and tiwari and asks wat happen and vibhuti says tat this tiwari forgot tat their bell has shock and this happened and they bring saxena in and anguri and anita ask y did u bring him back and they tell them tat malkha and tika has saw them with saxena and filmed a video clip and anguri cries and says now wat will happen and vibhuti says not to worry I will bribe them and anita gets angry at it and says tat vibhu u r talking like a criminal and vibhuti says tat I m just trying to save our neighbor and then tiwari says ok we will see wat happens and asks vibhuti to take this dead body of saxena at ur home as he is scared and has never been with dead bodies and listening to this anita says tat even I don’t have the experience of living with the dead bodies and vibhuti and anita leaves

Tiwari then hides saxenas body unser his bed in his room and then says to anguri tat she should not worry we will find some way out Anguri says to tiwari tat if I go to jail please water plants and keep ladu carefull and look after him and tiwari gets frustrated and asks her to shut up and goes under the table and says to saxena tat y did u die and bring such big problem and in mean while anguri calls police station and tells tat I have murdered saxena and please arrest me and comes police and people are standing outside tiwaris house and malkha asks pandit wat happened and he tells tat anguri has murdered saxena and malkha gets shocked and happu singh comes out with anguri and tiwari and happu singh has hand cuffed anguri and tiwari requests hapu singh to please leave anguri and hapu singh says tat even I m feeling bad but I have no option and tiwari says we have a option u let anguri leave and u will loose job and then u become partner in my undergarment business and hapu singh asks tiwari to shut up and is ready to take anguri to jail while tiwari says tat he will miss her cooked food and hapu singh says tat we will make arrangements in jail u can come there and have ur food

Vibhuti comes and says to hapu singh tat he cant take anguri and hapu singh asks him to please don’t come in my way and vibhuti says u cant take her like this u will have to kill me and hapu singh removes his gun and shoots vibhuti .while everyone present their gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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