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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 29th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, tiwari comes out and asks hapu singh wat happen and he says save me brother and he asks from whm and he shows him the dog and tiwari also gets conscious and anguri comes out to see y has tiwari not left yet and she sees the dog screams and close the door while tiwari then asks hapu singh u r a police and u r scared of dog and hapu singh says stop asking questions and do something of the dog and tiwari says I will try and he talks in English my sweet baby go home and he goes close to him and he bites tiwari and then hapu singh says tat I will try now and he goes close and tries talking to him and ravi bites him too and he says this dog is very naughty and anguri again opens door and sees the dog and she screams again and then there comes anita she says ti ravi tat

I was searching for u and u r here and hapu singh complaints anita tat ur dog bite me and now I have to take 14 injections and wat will happen to my kids and pregnant wife and anita then says tat my dog is given injections u need not worry and then she says tat it was ur mistake y u ran and hapu singh says tat he was licking me and so I got scared and ran and anita says tat is y he was running behind u and better do friendship with ravi but hapu singh says no and leaves while anita asks tiwari to do friendship with ravi and tiwari lies tat I m already friend with him and then anita says ok and talks to dog tat don’t worry I m ur friend and I love u and she leaves
Anguri opens door and shouts again and tiwari says tat there is no dog its me and he tries to enter house but anguri is not allowing he forcefully enters house and then he is seen taking injection from doctor and doctor says don’t worry u wont get rabbies now and then tiwari asks do u know how to make friendship with a dog and he tells tat actually I m a doctor of dogs but treat humans too and tiwari gets shocked and then asks can u tell me how to be friend with a dog and doctor tells tat there are 4 types of dog one is a barking second is biting dog the third one does both and the forth one is silent one he is very dangerous and anita bhabhis dog is like the forth one and then he tell to become friend of dog u need to feel and behave like a dog and tiwari asks how doctor says tat u have to become a dog and tiwari sits down and starts acting a like a dog and anguri sees this from upstairs while doctor asks tiwari to take out his tounge and do like a dog and he does and anguri thinks tat the anita s dog bite tiwari and so he has become like a dog I need to infrom amaji about it and then tiwari asks how to act like in pain and then doctor shows him and tiwari enacts and then doctor asks for his fees 500 rs and tiwari asks y 500 and he says I gave u so much knowledge about dog and he says ok and gives him 500 rs and doctor leaves and tiwari then decides now I will be friend with ravi
Tiwari goes to vibhutis house and sees him sleeping out and starts laughing and sits on the bench near and says to vibhuti tat wat have ur life become the dog is more important to u for anita bhabhi and vibhuti says tat its not like tat I myself came out as I hate dogs and tiwari starts laughing and says but I love dogs and I will make friendship with ravi watch me and tiwari goes in and he tries to talk to ravi but ravi bites him very badly and vibhuti enjoys the audio and laughs and then tiwari comes out injured and with torned clothes and vibhuti laughs at him tiwari goes to his house and talks to self tat this ravi is difficult dog and anguri silently comes from behind and she has a hot iron rod in her hand and she hits tiwari with it and tiwari shouts in pain and asks anguri wat r u doing and she says tat amaji told me to do this so u can be protected against rabies and tiwari says tat no need anita bhabhis dog is injected with injection I will not get rabies and then she sees him and asks at happen to u y r ur clothes like this and he tells tat I have been to anita bhabhis house and tat dog ravi bite me and anguri starts feeling sick and she asks tiwari to go out and take a bath and then come in and she pushes him out and locks the door and says tat I m sorry tiwari as I have allergy of dogs and he says ok and at night tiwari is also sleeping in the veranda of his house and vibhuti laughs at him and asks wat happen bhabhiji thrown u out and tiwari says tat its all because of ur dog and vibhuti says tat yes even I m fed up of tat dog and then tiwari suggests tat lets kidnapped the dog and leave him in jungle and vibhuti says tat I have a better idea and then they lean a ladder to anitas bedroom and tiwari starts climbing and vibhuti pulls him down and says tat its my wifes bedroom I will go ahead and he climbs and sees the dog and puts him in a basket and with the help of the rope gets him down to tiwari and asks him to hold properly so tat he wont wake up and then they go to saxenas house and they call him and they see light going on and off and vibhuti says tat may be he is taking shocks and then he comes and opens door and he asks wat r u two doing here and they say tat they r having a gift for u and saxena says tat its not my birthday and they say once check and when he puts his hand under the towel the dog bites him and saxena says I like it
Saxena takes the dog from tiwari and vibhuti and he thanx them for this gift and asks from where did u brought it and tiwari says tat tats none of ur business u keep it with urself and do not bring him out and saxena says ok and thanx for such a nice gift and goes inside his house and next morning anita starts seacrching ravi but she could not find him and tiwari and vibhuti are sitting in hall and they to call ravi but get no reply and anita finds him out but could not find him and says he must be hungry he has not had any food from morning and tiwari and vibhuti shake hand for successful kidnap of ravi

Anita is telling vibhuti tat she has planned tat she will do marketing of her grooming classes by taking u and me as models for it and vibhuti says tat I will not do it as its not an international brand and tiwari listens all this and thinks tat it would be a golden opportunity for me if I work with her I will get a chance to be close to her

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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