Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 29th January 2018 Written Episode Update: love bike

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 29th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anguri watering plants in garden,Vibhu stands staring,Anguri asks where are you lost,Vibhu says you are so beautiful,it’s like when I see you it remind me of retro heroines,Anguri says oh please do I look old,Vibhu says no I meant simplicity beauty divine,Anguri says thank you and even I find you like old girly hero’s,Vibhu asks like who,Anguri tries to memories actors name from an old Hindi film and says smile a bit,Vibhu smiles,angrui says its Ranjeet,Vibhu says this is unfair,Anguri says why tough he is so good,Vibhu asks what else do you find good,

Anita sleepy,Anguri asks what’s wrong,Anita says I had a dream last night and Tiwari it was you whole night in my dreams,we were in a room all night,Vibhu says what in surprise,tiwari excited,Anita says I tied you to a chair

and I hit you with oiled leather belt you were in pain but I kept hitting.

Tikka comes on a bike with a girl,and waves everyone and says baby come let’s go,hearing this angrui blushes,Vibhu looks at her and smiles,tiwari says look at tikkas fate,Vibhu takes sleepy Anita with him.

Happu on call,discussing about a flat with his wife and keep the call in anger, tikka says bhabhi looks innocent,Happu says don’t go by her looks she is fire,I told her we will buy flat but I’m short for 5 lakhs but she isn’t listening,tikka says you anyways earn by bribes remaining amount go rob,Happu slaps him and leaves,

Vibhu asks so tikka what’s up,girlfriend bike,tikka says it’s this bike,the love bike,I called her titanic,Vibhu asks what is special in this, tikka says ride with any girl and she will be yours,it’s since sages in my house and all the weddings in family happened to girls who sat on this bike,Vibhu says bhabhiji and me my god,tikka asks where are you lost,Vibhu says Anu is upset and if you can lend me this bike,we will be set,tikka says I can’t say no to you but bike you know,and Vibhu tikka fix the deal in 2000.

Saxena walks to Vibhu,and says I was looking for you,I need someone to slap me,Vibhu says I won’t please,Saxena says I’m hungry for it for last two days please,Vibhu says I’m sorry,Saxena says you dog,Vibhu says I shall swallow the anger but not slap you,Saxena says calls tikka a buffalo,Vibhu says tikka calm down he is doing it by purpose,swallow the anger,Saxena tries to provoke again,Vibhu helps tikka keep calm.

Anguri has some issue with left eye,and she starts winking due to disturbance,Vibhu says oh no I’m not complaining but,angrui says what’s wrong with you,my eye is Hurting,anyways you look tensed,Vibhu says I eat a famous astrologer and he said your future is a bit in danger and as a solution we need to go to the hill near by,we will leave early morning and come by evening,angrui says no necessary if something was bad,Amaji would talk to pandit ramphal and tell me,Vibhu says it’s like difficulties don’t come informed your shop may be in danger,tiwari may be in bad health or Amaji may die,angrui says look all is fine and I have lot of work bye and leaves.

Vibhu thinking of how to ride with Anguri and says I will need at least 10,000 and prem won’t help, god I love you please help me,Anita sits in front of him and says ten thousand,Vibhu says god you are there,Anu says have you lost it,anyways here’s 10000 and mend my grooming classes walls,don’t spend them,Vibhu says sure baby and you know god is everywhere and leaves happy and meets Tiwari and says god is everywhere he is here home bye and leaves.

Tiwari walks in,Anita asks how come here,tiwari says I bought this lottery ticket and then we send it to lucky draw,Anita says so you hope to win,tiwari says some day it will I hope,Anu says good spirit,tiwari says I want you to kiss it,Anita says excuse me,tiwari says I meant touch it,Anu asks why but,tiwari says it’s said every successful man has a women behind him,Anu says you have Anguri,tiwari says I dont differentiate between you two,i value you both,Anu say so may to keep your heart and touchés it.

Tiwari leaving,Anu gets call from Meenal and says oh you going Goa and inviting me but sorry I don’t feel like visiting beaches I have hill station mood,tiwari hears them talk.

Vibhu with Tilu,Tilu disguised as a goon,Vibhu says attack Tiwari when he is out of house,Tilu asks why tiwari what’s wrong,Vibhu says just do what is asked and remember just hit tiwari and I will jump in and save him,dint mess with me,Tilu says you too dont or else I won’t help,Vibhu says go get to work,tiwari gets out of house,Tilu gets with an argument with him and starts hitting him,angrui says oh no stop don’t hit him,and sees Vibhuti and says please save him,vibbu pores water on him and rushes got help.

Pre cap : Anguri and tiwari asleep,Tilu goes and hits Tiwari. Tiwari says what all is this happening. Anguri says to Vibhu I will come with you to the temple on hills.
Tiwari to Anu,there’s a land on hills near by,let’s go visit it,Anu says let’s ask Vibhu to join too,tiwari says then how will you surprise him,Anu says then we shall go secretly, tiwari says deal and leaves happy and dancing.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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