Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 29th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 29th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Angur talking to Ammaji says I enjoyed going to farms n missed my childhood, oh no u fell of a tree, OK Ammaji take care, Tiwari walks in n says anguri get me water plz.anguri gets water n asks what happened why u look so scared,Tiwari says I was on my way home n a truck was approaching me n was in speed but a tempo hit truck n I got saved I’m so scared I will go n rest upstairs,anguri says ok n calls amaji n says Tiwari was abt to die today but got saved thanks god n tells whole scene,I’m so scared amaji,Amma says anguri u don’t worry, all will be fine, do one thing go to pandit or call him n tell him abt this he will give a solution, anguri says ok bye now.

Vibhuti n Anita in bedroom, Vibhuti listening to old songs,Anita says Vibhu look I found a job, a big company

has vacancy for peon,Vibhuti says Anu have u lost it, I’m a topper n u offering me a peon job,Anita says Vibhu all job interviews u gave u failed,Vibhuti says they purposely failed me so that I don’t succeed,Anita says plz stop giving reasons, admit it u have nothing left in u,u can only work as a maid n nothing else,Vibhuti says Anu my brains are advanced, one day I will get a job, once I get a got astrologer he will guide me n will get a new good job don’t worry, now good night.

Tiwari and anguri with Panditji,Panditji reads tiwaris kundali n says u have no good signs in ur cards,u will die within 5 days,this is what ur kundali says, anguri says oh no this can’t happen,tiwari says is there any way to get rid of this, Panditji says yes u have to stay away from ur wife for 5 days, anguri says for his life I can’t stay away for 5 years, Panditji n for 5 days u have to stay with other lady to tell Yamraj that u have an affair n he takes that lady as ur wife, this is to distract Yamraj n it’s necessary, anguri says ok I agree to this, I will get u some food n leaves.

Vibhuti sees Panditji seating alone n asks how are u,tell me something abt my cards too,Panditji says u were jobless, u are jobless n u will be jobless, Vibhuti says u are right I like it, tell me more,Panditji says in recent days u will have an affair with some neighbour,Vibhuti says god I love u, Panditji says my fees, Anita walks to Vibhuti n says why are u wasting time,Vibhuti says I’m not look Panditji,Panditji tell something abt her too,Anita says wait plz I don’t believe in all this,vibhu come soon.

Tiwari thinking abt what to do now,anguri says u look so worried, Tiwari says what to do now,Yamraj is behind me,anguri says don’t worry,Panditji has told us what to do,why worry, Tiwari says which other lady will I get n thinks I hope bhabhiji agrees, anguri says I have an idea why don’t u stay with gulfamkali,Tiwari says no look for some good neighbours,anguri says how abt the flower sellers wife, Tiwari thinks she is talking abt everyone except bhabhiji,tiwari says I said good well to do lady,anguri says oh yes how abt Anita,Tiwari says good choice,anguri says come lets go talk to her.

Anita says Vibhu get me coffee soon, Vibhuti says baby two minutes, Tiwari n anguri walk in, anguri starts crying n says we are in big trouble,Vibhuti says baby coffee for u, hello bhabhiji,Anita says anguri tell em what’s ur problem,Tiwari tells the whole scene n the solution asked to applied. Anguri says and Anita I want u to stay as tiwaris wife for 5 days, plz agree after all it’s my husbands life, Anita’s ays I’m sorry I don’t believe in all this, anguri says but what if he dies,Vibhuti says that’s better, Anita says don’t worry nothing of this will happen, give me panditjis number I will talk to him.

Anguri says sure n calls Panditji,Anita talks to Panditji,Panditji tells abt the solution, n says even a man disguises as women n stays with him it will do after all we have to distract Yamraj,Anita says ok bye n says so Panditji said its not necessary that women has to stay with Tiwari even a Man can disguise as women n stay with Tiwari, anguri says but who will agree to this, Anita says isn’t worry Vibhu will help.

Tiwari in bedroom alone says I’m missing anguri how will I manage 5 days without her, Vibhuti walks in dressed as women,Tiwari stares at her in shock.

Pre cap : Tiwari asks Vibhuti as women to cook food for hi she says I cook in my own house but not here do it on ur own.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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