Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 29th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 29th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with,manmohan asks vibhuti who r u and y u come here always he says I am ur wifes shubhchintak and manmohan says tat anita is my wife she is my sweet heart and vibhuti gets angry and says tat she is my wife not urs and presses his neck and anguri comes asking wat happened and manmohan says tat anita y is he here anguri says tat she is not anita and she is anguri and vibhuti then says to anguri tat lets go in kitchen and plan how to bring his memory back and they go in kitchen and anguris phone rings she talks to amaji and asks amaji to anguri tat how is manmohan she says tat he is not ok yet and and amaji hears vibhutis voice and asks is tat vibhuti their and she says yes and says tat she will call her later and hungs up and vibhuti then says to anguri tat he has a plan

and tells her
Manmohan is with anita and says tat he is in very tension as he cant remember anything and asks her to help him remind she tells him tat this is my house and this is your house u came to my house and took my sari to remove stain do u remember where have u kept sari he in his mind says tat anita ji still thinking about sari and comes out anguri she calls manmohan and vibhuti comes out wearing kurta and specs and talks like tiwari anita also gets angry but vibhuti indicates her tat they r acting and vibhuti catches anguris hand and romances her and seeing this manohan shouts anita says tat may be he remembers now and when they asks tiwari he says he shouted because he had a pain in head and then he rests his head on anitas shoulder and vibhuti then moves him and says she is ur wife not anita and then anita asks anguri to take manmohan home and also ask her to look for her sari and anguri agrees and leaves
Manmohan is standing outside and comes tilu and he asks him did he get sari and tilu says tat no he searched in entire Kanpur and near by but didn’t got and manmohan smells liquor and asks if he is drunk and tilu says yes ur sari irritated him very much then tiwari asks him to give the remaining money and he gives and manmohan says to him only so much money take this and go back to shop he leaves and manmohan then decides to throw this sari in dustbin that night anguri tries to make manmohan remind their past and she sits near him and reminds him tat they got married on a rainy day on 16th june manmohan is blank pretending to be blank but he remembers everything and then she tells tat u came close to me so close tat I moved aside and u banged ur head on the wall u got 7 stitches and manmohan in his mind says tat how can I forget tat day and then she starts talking in English and says tat u r nice while manmohan in his mind keeps her correcting and she keeps saying and comes ladu and manmohan is his mind says anguri u don’t know and laddu hears it and tells anguri tat he just said ur name in mind and anguri asks wat u said and he says tat u told ur name is anguri so I said and then anguri says I will better find anitas sari while manmohan asks who is this and ladu tells that he is his small brother and says tat he smells tat something is fishy
Anita is seen doing surynamaskar and manmohan comes in she gets disturbed and welcomes him and he says tat he feels tat he used to come at this place and anita says tat yes u always used to come sometime for a reason and sometime without a reason as we r neighbors and he says to her tat u look very fair and comes in vibhuti and teases him tat he is a bad man and tiwari gets irritated anita warns him to be quiet as he is not wellb but he continues teasing and then manmohan leaves vibhuti follows him and says to him tat this is not ur house he takes him to panditjis house and says tat this is ur house and calls bhabhiji and tells tat she is ur wife and then manmohan says tat I know that she is not my wife and this is not my house tat is my house and my wife is anguri vibhuti asks how do u know this and tiwari says tat u are only telling me from yesterday this and he leaves while bhabhiji comes out and vibhuti blinks his one eye seeing her and says tat he was just checking if manmohan remembers everything and seeing him blink his eyes bhabhiji gets angry and slaps vibhuti while he says sorry and leaves
manmohan reaches his house tilu comes and gives him the sari and manmohan asks from where did u bring it and he says tat he found this in dustbin and manmohan says tat with so much efforts I threw it in dustbin and u brought it back at same time comes in vibhuti and asks tilu wat is he doing here while manmohan pretends he doesn’t know tilu and vibhuti sees the carry bag and asks wats in this and checks tat this is anitas sari and he takes it home and thinks tat he will iron it and give to anita and tell tat he has removed the stain and he will get all the credit he irons and anita comes in and gets happy and vibhuti says he removed the stain washed the sari and have half ironed it and he then cries and says u scold me so much she says sorry and he then goes inand when she checks if the stain has gone she sees tat there is a hole in it and she shouts at vibhuti.

Vibhuti asks anguri say a shayari and she praises only manmohan and then anguri asks manmohan where was he and he says tat he was out on walk near ganga river and vibhuti sees a hair on manmohans shoulder and asks where did this come from.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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