Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 28th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 28th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anita says anguriji this doc is very famous doc from Mumbai we all will go, anguri thinks what will I do now, I’m not unwell,laddoo walks n says u just thought in her mind that she is fine,Anita says is this true,anguri says yes everyone was ignoring me n so Amaji gave me Thai idea to get over everything,Anita says now what will we do,anguri says plz I want this to keep going to teach Tiwari a lesson,laddoo says bhabhi ma as u say n I, sorry for what I did,Anita says good now even I’m in.

Anguri listening to music, hearing tiwaris voice she puts it off n she starts acting as if unwell,Tiwari walks with lots of gifts n asks how are u,anguri says not well,Tiwari controls his emotion n says look I got so many gifts, anguri says why saree u shd have got me some warm cloths,Tiwari

gets very emotional again but controls, anguri says if something happens to me will u Marty someone else , Tiwari says no nothing will happen to u, I will fight with Lord for ur life, Tiwari walks to window n cries,anguri sees her gifts n gets excited.

Vibhuti eating pan and water anguris plants n says me n these plants are missing bhabhiji look at these plants all are so dried, Tiwari in white kurta walks to him n asks what are u doing here, these are our plants,Vibhuti says not hrs it’s bhabhijis,Tiwari says I will water my plants go away,Vibhuti spits on his kurta , Tiwari says what rubbish is this,Vibhuti says don’t get angry a baba asked me to do so for bhabhijis Health, Tiwari says ok spit more then, Vibhuti keeps spitting on his kurta.

Tiwari n Vibhuti in kitchen, anguri calls them no ays what are u two doing in kitchen,Tiwari says breakfast for u, anguri acts as if fainting,Tiwari holds her n says u don’t need to work this Vibhuti will do,Vibhuti says no u will,Anita walks in n says how are u anguriji look u are glowing,full of energy,anguri says I’m feeling guidy,Anita says bcoz u don’t go out always inside here lets go shopping.vibhuti says are u mad look at her,Anita says do u want to go shopping anguriji, anguri says yes I do,Anita says lets do as she wishes , Tiwari says ok go,Anita says she will need money,Tiwari says here is 10000 go shop,anguri says I love u thanku, Anita says Vibhu money,Vibhuti gives 50 Rs and says take an auto.

Anita says anguriji we will have breakfast out and husbands cool lunch for us. Tiwari n Vibhuti in kitchen cooking,n see Anita n anguri dancing,Tiwari says look at her who will say she is dying n both get emotional. Vibhuti goes to see baba n says miracle ur solution is working bhabhi was happy she went shopping,baba says I know now next solution will make her completely fine, walk on burning coals to save ur loves life,Vibhuti says God but I will do it for bhabhiji,baba says give 10000, Vibhuti says here’s gold chain,Vibhuti leaves, baba says stupid man.

Tiwari makes burning coal bed, Vibhuti says I have to walk for bhabhiji,Tiwari says I’m done go on it,anyways tell me why are u doing this she is my wife,Vibhuti says neighbourhood nothing else,Tiwari says ok go walk on it,just Imagine it as velvet, Vibhuti says ur wife u go,Tiwari says but ur baba,anyways let me play some music for motivation, Vibhuti in great pain walks on the coal bed,Tiwari says save anguri and then may be him,Tiwari cheers Vibhuti.

Vibhuti with Tiwari, Vibhuti with legs bandaged n Tiwari making drinks, Vibhuti says I have walked on burning coal god it’s so painful n consumes drink,Tiwari says why did u walk when she is my wife,Vibhuti says ur wife my love,Tiwari says what,Vibhuti says Anu is in depression after death news n says do anything to save bhabhiji,Tiwari says wow I love u bhabhiji,Vibhuti looks at me,Tiwari says wow was for bhabhiji n love for u,u did a lot for anguri.saxena walks to them n says u useless Tiwari do u have shame ur wife is dying n up re here having drinks,u need to stay 24*7 with her,shameless,Tiwari slaps him,happu says he is right but,Vibhuti says mind ur language look here I walked on burning coal,Tiwari says yes he is right n I laid the coal bed,Vibhuti says lover can do anything,all give each other confused look.

Pre cap : Anita says anguriji, Tiwari was at my place crying for u n Vibhuti said don’t cry I have a girl for u remarry,anguri says now worries last night he told me he won’t Marry,Anita says u are wrong he is marrying her.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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