Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 28th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 28th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with tika and malkhan at tea stall in morning crying as they are very injured and they says that Martha has hit us so much that every vein is paining. Tika says why did she hit us and malkhan says she was a very dangerous woman. Anguri and anita come from shopping and then they see tika and malkhan, they ask who hit us so much? They start crying. Anguri says say something. Anita says u must have teased someone and that is why u have been beaten and I told u don’t do anything like this. Anguri says yes. They say an old woman beat us. Tiwari comes and slap tika and says u did not even leave old women? Tika says no, we did not do anything to her and still she beat us. Anguri says take care. Tiwari tells anita that today u vibhu and dr.abhay come for dinner at night. Anita

says okay that’s nice.
At night after dinner, anita says anguri the food was very delicious. Vibhu says yes, anita says that even vibhus handmade food is nothing. Anguri asks writer how the food was? Dr.abhay says that everyone makes food with hand but if it was made from legs then the taste would be something different. Vibhu says what kind of a man are u and how shall a person make food apart from hands? Then even u eat it from somewhere else and tell me where should I put the food in ur body apart from your moutn and u are such an abstract man and never talk anything straight. Anita says let it be. Anguri says now start your story, dr.abhay says okay, anguri goes to bring rabdi. Writer starts saying that the 3 people were outside and women brings rabdi. That time anguri comes with rabdi. Then the writer is saying the story and simultaneously the events are happening around. Vibhu gets up as he gets a call and goes out, the story is said as same. vibhu is out as suddenly a shadow old woman comes and its Martha, she beats up vibhu and then says Martha and goes. The story said by writer is same. vibhu escapes and goes home and falls down on sofa. Anita and everyone get up and says what happened? The writer looks at vibhu and smiles cunningly. Tiwari looks at him and is in doubt.
At night in room vibhu tells anita that the character Martha that writer said is real and she only beat me outside. Anita says shut up and that cant be true and u must have heard it, vibhu says I am not faking anything and its true believe me. Suddenly Martha comes in balcony and says I will not leave you and says Martha many times. The lights flicker and anita and vibhu are scared. They go down where the writer is writing in dark and anita and vibhu ask that is your story true? Writer says I always right about true events. Vibhu is shocked and says that Martha beat me and she was in my balcony scaring us. Writer smiles and says go and sleep. Vibhu says we will sleep but tomorrow u get out of my house, writer says I wont go until I finish the story. Vibhu and anita go. After they go the shadow of Martha is there, writer says Martha and smiles. Martha goes.
Next day Tiwari is there and he sees the writer and says this man is totally different and odd. Happu singh comes, gulfam comes in her lawn. She says top Tiwari that hold me sometimes, Tiwari says get lost and he looks at other side. Happu says I will hold u and laughs. Then gulfam suddenly falls down and says please help me get up please, happu says I alone cant pick u and he tells Tiwari come on man and lets pick her at least help me. Tiwari goes and helps and they together pick gulfam. Writer writes all thos events in his book.
There at tea stall, tika and malkhan are still injured and say it still hurts. Tika and malkhan says from now we wont tease girls, malkhan says yes I wont even look at any girl. A girl goes past them, malkhan looks at her and tika hits him and says what are u looking at her? Malkhan says what can I do and these eyes cant stay from looking at a woman. Saxena comes dressed as old woman with stick, tika and malkhan think its Martha and get down and say please don’t hurt us and we wont do anything. Saxena says what Martha and I am playing a character helen in a play and its Sunday night at 7pm. Saxena goes. Tika says this man is so dumb and he scares everyone.

Precap: writer says u cant go without reading my story, vibhu says we will go if we want and who are u? writer shows the gun under his pillow, anita and vibhu are scared and sit down. Writer says as he was coming with his friend pappu a woman came there, there Tiwari and happu are on scooter and Martha comes.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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