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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 28th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with tiwari saying anita will come in some time till that i ll clean the car properly. Happu erings the bell n gets shock n tells tiwari to repair the bell. He comes in n falls down n tiwari asks him what happened to him. He says he has only made his this condition. Tiwari says what nonsense i was sleeping at night. Anita n vibhuti come. Tiwari says see anita what is he saying. He is saying that i hit him witn my car whereas i was sleeping. Vibhuti says dont lie. Angoori comes n says what happened n asks happu what happened to him. He tells her he was in dustbin n tiwari hit him down by his car being drunk. She says oh so that was you. All are confused n boggled n vibhuti signals her not to tell anything. She says see vibhuti i told u someone was there happu asks what

do u mean vibhuti says that she means to say that at night she came in her balcony n saw someone so she said. Angoori says why are u lying dont lie. Vibhuti signals her but in vain. Anita asks vibhu to shut up n asks angoori to tell. She tells everything. Tiwari shouts at her n says who told u to go at night. Anita scolds at vibhuti n says i thought u are not well so u might have gone for a walk but u went at late night to teach angoori driving. He says at night there is no traffic so i was teaching her. Happu speaks but anita shuts him up. She again scolds vibhuti n says i ll teach u driving u come home. Happu again speaks but she shuts him up again n again. She takes vibhuti home n tiwari closes his home’s door n there anita closes the door. Happu gets irritated n frustrated n shot a bullet in the air hearing which both couples come out. Anita says what happened. Happu says i am taking both angoori n vibhuti. Anita says its not her mistake as she didnt know that someone is sitting inside the dustbin. Tiwari says yes she has a point so u cant take her. Happu singh says ok if not that but angoori doesnt have a learning driving license for sure so i will take her. Anita taunts vibhuti that u were being a driving teacher. He says i am sorry. A man naming gupta comes n says to happu singh n says why aren’t u receiving my calls i am calling u since when n says that did u find my car. Happu asks why didu come here but. He says from last 3 months i am coming to police station n u have yet not found my car. He sees tiwari’s car n says this is my car. Happu singh gets tensed. Tiwari says what do u mean? Then he says happu got me this car from his friend i gave him money also. Then they understand n anita says that happu now u will go to jail for selling a stolen car. Happu says that no angoori did it by mistake so its ok. He tells tiwari he will get his money tomorrow. He takes that man n goes. Vibhuti taunts tiwari u brought a stolen car. Anita says u come vibhu i ll teach u driving n takes him.
Next day, angoori is watering plants n singing song. Vibhuti comes n asks her whether she likes ice-cream. She says yes. He says yes i thought so that’s why i got ice-cream for you. She says no i cant eat i am sorry as i have kept karwa chauth fast. He says why whats the need. Her tiwari wont die so easily he is cunning n cruel n yet young. She shouts that dont say like this about him i wont talk to you. He says ok ok i am sorry i sas just testing your love. She shies away. She asks anita doesnt keep fast for you? He says who will keep fast for this poor. Anita comes from behind n hides the ice-cream in his pocket. He then starts moving. Anita says to angoori its karwa chauth n ammaji night have sent sargi. She says yes she has n asks her why she doesnt keep fast for vibhuti. She says i keep it n this is the 7th year now. She gets angry that vibhu lied. He says i wanted to see your this face beacuse you look too cute like this thats why i lied so that angoori tells you this i can see this. He says come on now chill. She says ok n says why is your body moving like this. He says i am just chilling as i am happy. Anita says that as it is these men cant keep fast. Then tiwari comes n says see now i will keep fast n i can. But i dont know about vibhuti. He also says that even i ll keep fast. Angoori asks where is the ice-cream. He takes anita n goes from there with all the ice-cream melted n only tiwari noticing it. Vibhuti comes n flirts with angoori but she doesn’t understand n says i have lots of work so i ll go now. Vibhuti says till i am there i wont let you work while you are fasting. Tiwari goes to anita n says that angoori says i draw well so i help laddu in drawing n i even draw nice mehendi. She saya please draw mehendi on my hand as i am not getting any lady to draw mehendi on my hands. He takes cone n his hand shivers. The episode ends.

Precap:- Laddu says tiwari cant control hunger. Angoori says he can control it. Tiwari says in mind i am very hungry. Anita says to vibhuti u remember last karwa chauth i was at mummy’s house. He says yes. She she made such yummy food. He is massaging her legs n imagines chicken tandoori.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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