Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 28th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 28th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with everyone discussing how they will bring a new father. Anguri suggests that her dad be their father. Tiwari says no need and he is a drunkard and has no manners so let it be. Vibhu says yes I agree and tikas marriage will not happen then. Saxena comes and says ti everyone that do they have an open wire hanging around and he needs a shock right now. Tiwari and vibhu look at each other and smile.
At home next day everyone is ready. Anita and anguri come down and tika tells that see vibhu and tiwari haven’t come yet and they are putting make up on saxenas face. Anita says yes they will come, vibhu tiwari and saxena come. Saxena has become a 70 yr old father. Anguri and anita and tika say he looks exactly like an old man. Vibhu tells when the girls dad and girl come

behave properly and show some manners and respect. Bell rings and father and his daughter come. Saxena welcomes them and tika takes dads blessings. Saxena says what happened to your hair? Dad says that bell is too well mannered. Saxena slaps tiwari and says what is this and I want the bell to be repaired today. Tiwari is in shock and says okay. Dad says wow you are good mannered. Saxena sits and dad and daughter sit. Saxena slaps vibhu and says don’t laugh because I slapped your elder brother and are these etiquettes I taught you? Dad says wow you are well mannered and good family. Saxena tells vibhu and tiwari to take blessings of dad and sit here. Tiwari and vibhu take the blessings and sit down. Saxena tells anguri and anita too and then tika. Tika says he already took it. Saxena says if u take blesings again then will your back break. Tika takes blessings and sits. Dad says wow very well mannered. Anguri tells anita that saxena is doing too much and he slapped tiwari and vibhu and I am angry. Anita says me too. Then anita tells dad that now even our father is here and lets talk about fixing the marriage date. Dad says yes and asks saxena what work he does. Saxena tells he owns a mental hospital. Dad says wow that’s nice. He then asks vibhu and tiwari interrupts and says he is jobless. Dad is confused. Vibhu says he means I am finding job in a good etiquette company so I don’t have a job. Dad asks tiwari what does he do? Vibhu interrupts and says he has an undergarment shop and does that business. Tiwari says I provide clothes and run that business. Dad says very good and asks tika what he does? Anita says that he helps everyone and does service. Dad says that is very nice. Then anita says lets talk about fixing the marriage date. Dad says yes. Saxena says when should the marriage be fixed. Dad says I will ask the pandit about this.
At night in frontyard vibhu and tiwari are there. Vibhu is drinking powa and tiwai says give me some too and what are you drinking it alone. Vibhu says no and tiwari says anyway you are drinking powa and that is what you can afford and laughs. Vibhu looks at him angrily, tika comes and gives them a alcohol bottle. Tiwari says its desi. Vibhu says yes what you can afford and according your status. Tiwari says what? Vibhu says nothing. Everyone drink. Tiwari says I want to be rude and I am drinking this as I want to show all bad manners I have. Vibhu says you are already bad mannered. Tiwari says less than you.

precap: no precap.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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