Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 28th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 28th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Happu says don’t go stay, uncle says yes when I’m not awkward why are you, gulfamkali welcomes all, uncle asks will you come London, Vibhu says let her perform here first, gulfamkali argue later enjoy now and begins performance.

The lights go off and meow girl is in, all scared, uncle asks what new performance is this, she says you didn’t learn yet right, happu says Vibhu got us here, Vibhu says they forced me here I didn’t want to, she says and you here with your son, uncle asks who the hell are you, she says soon you will know, first scratches others including Vibhu and starts beating uncle,and others.

Anguri says what is wrong he scolds me in mornings and at night he is romantic, Tiwari walks to her, anguri says don’t touch me and talk to me,

he says look it’s business tension and so this happens and I touch your feet forgive me, anguri says oh don’t you are my husband and I don’t like this, Tiwari says I love you and want to hug you and his back twists again, anguri says I told you get massage now wait and leaves, Tiwari says I saw her eyes today she won’t hit me and calls come honey and takes position.

Meow girl walks in, and scratches his back, Tiwari says so you are back in mood go ahead, he mistakes meow girl as anguri. Meow girl hits his hard and leaves.

Tiwari wakes up and sees no one and says I couldn’t even react, he gets a call and asks what Panditji yes I’m misbehaving but she hits me back at night, what keep bearing shut up.

Vibhu and uncle at home, Vibhu says is the will this time on gulfamkalis name, uncle says shut up tell me when Anita is here why are you with gulfamkali, Vibhu says uncle anu is cheating, uncle asks who is it, Vibhu says commissioner, uncle says what big mistake she is making you are better in that case,Anita walks in, uncle says what is it no hello nothing.

Anita says later and what are you two up to and what are these marks, uncle says at gulfamkali bar and he was there to reveal the pain, Anita asks what pain I gave you, Vibhu says i did every madness you wanted, uncle says except one, Vibhu says please don’t interrupt, you cheated on me anu, Anita says what, Vibhu says I can’t stay with you uncle let’s go, uncle says leave.

Tiwari leaving his house too and says when your wife keeps hitting you also you couldn’t manage bhabhiji leave better, Vibhu makes same dialogue and leave and both see each other. Tiwari asks where are you going did bhabhiji, Vibhu says I’m leaving on my own because anu cheated on me with commissioner, Tiwari gets emotional and says this can’t happen,and starts crying. Vibhu says stop over reacting and why are you leaving does bhabhiji have an affair too, Tiwari says no anguri hits me every night, Vibhu says good you deserve it.

Anguri says no I don’t hit you, Tiwari says if you don’t who bhabhiji does it or what,Anita says yes I, I’m meow girl because you misbehave with angurji, Vibhu says so it was you at gulfamkali bar, Anita says yes and I didn’t cheat on you,I had to leave at night to deal with goons and I’m not scared like you, happu says I heard everything and have arrest you for this, commissioner says I shall cut you in pieces if you touch her, happu says but she hit me, commissioner says unlike you who serves politicians she served her country and I supported her on this mission, and she is black belt in karate, uncle listening to all this.

Anita says I shall keep serving my country. Saxena comes and asks commissioner I’m looking for meow girl I want to milk her, he says Anita Bhabhiji is the one, Saxena says okay then you have the milk, Commissioner has it like a cat.

Uncle gets angry and tears the will, and says I can’t give my property to a house where daughter in law would scratch me like this, Vibhu says be Meow girl now, anguri says Tiwariji come let me massage you, happu thinks I’m so happy Anita bhabhiji touched me twice.

Pre cap : anguri says our house is leaking,Tiwari says even bedroom, Vibhu says stay with us.
Vibhu says anu baby look gold coin we can find more when we shall dig Tiwari house.
Vibhu adds sleeping pills in Tiwari and anguri milk, Tiwari unaware says vibhu doesn’t look so caring but he is.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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