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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 28th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,anguri comes out running and hugs tiwari and they ask wat happen and she says tat theres a dog inside and she feels sick and vibhuti asks wats wrong with the dog and anguri says tat she has allergy of dogs and then vibhuti says tat then u must feel sick whole day and vibhuti says I will take care of my wife and u can pls leave and then vibhuti goes tiwari takes anguri to sit on sofa and she asks him to pls get rid of the dog and while going vibhuti fells down and tiwari laughs and says tat the dog fell down and went away and laughs
Anita is talking to ravi the dog and gives him milk to drink and gives him cookies to eat and bell rangs and vibhuti asks anita to open door and she then asks ravi to be quiet and hide behind the sofa and he should not make any noise

as vibhuti hates dogs and then she opens door and vibhuti says wat make u open the door so late and she asks him u came so early and vibhuti says I was bored so I came back home and he eats the cookies dipping in the milk bowl which ravi had ate and vibhuti says tat these cookies are tasting different and anita says tat yes it is really different and then he hears a sound and anita says I m singing song and its actually the dog making noise and then he again hears it and says it’s a dogs noise and she says no I m singing song and then vibhuti says tat I can smell a dog here and anita says no its not like tat actually I never told u but the truth is tat ur sweat smells like a dog and vibhuti says tats imposiible I smell good and he leaves and then anita goes near ravi and says tat ravi u r very naughty y were u making so noise
At night vibhuti and anita are asleep and ravi jumps on the bed and he starts licking vibhuti while vibhuti thinks tat its anita and he says tat stop it anu and then he feels tat its dog and screams and wakes up from bed and anita ons the light and takes ravi in her lap and vibhuti asks her wat is this dog doing here and anita says tat jassi is out of town for a week so she left ravi here and vibhuti says now in this room either I will live or this ravi and anita says ok u can go out and then vibhuti sleeps in the veranda
Next morning anguri is watering plants and singing song and she sees tat a boy is standing and seeing someone in anitas house and vibhuti wakes up and the boy runs away and then anguri asks vibhuti wat r u doing here and vibhuti says its so nice to wake up from sleep and see u first and tells tat actually anu has been sleeping with ravi she has become more affectionate towards him I asked her to choose either me or ravi and she chosed ravi and anguri says tat its not possible anita is very nice and I wil talk to her and asks who is this ravi and then vibhuti tells tat he is anitas dog she had it before our marriage tat dog jumped and came into my bed last night and then anguri says pls stay away go and take bath stay away from me I feel sick and she runs inside and then vibhuti says this dog has made my life hell and there comes pela and gives a chit to vibhuti reads ur a dog who doesnot belongs to his house and no where and pela smiles and leaves
Anita is having breakfast and she is calling ravi to come and have food but he is not coming and she says ok now u come only when u r hungry and then comes tiwari and anita asks him how r u and tiwari says fine and after looking at u I feel very good and today u r looking very radiant and anita says tat wat r u saying tiwari but thanq and ravi comes near tiwris leg and starts touching his feet and tiwari thinks tat its anita who is touching him and then he gets very happy and asks anita hows life and anita says actually I m very happy and peacefull in my life and the dog then bites tiwari and he shouts and says tat wat r u doing anita and she says wat happen and then anita sees tat its her dog ravi and talks to him tat wat r u doing here and tiwari tells her tat this dog bite me and anita says don’t worry I have given my dog ravi injections u will not be infected and then anita asks tiwari u like dogs actually I like people only who like dogs and tiwari says yes and he comes to his home and says tat there were so many who were dieing to have ur love nd u fell in love with a dog but now I will love ur dog and get closer to u and there comes anguri and she asks where were u and he says here by only and she asks him have u not had bath today and tiwari says tat no I had bath and she says u smell like a dog and tiwari tells her tat I went to anitas house and her dog ravi bite me and she then says stay away from me and go and have bath and says go to doctor and he says tats anita sdog and its safe and anguri feels sick and runs inside
Hapu singh comes to meet anita and he sees vibhuti out and asks did anita throw him out and he says tat none of ur business y r u here and then hapu singh tells tat there has been chain snatching going on and so I thought of informing bhabhiji and then vibhuti asks y cant u catch the thief and he says just tel my name and then he goes in and anita sees him and asks wat happen u here and he says every one get scared seeing us even our wives and then he asks anita ur teeth are very white which tooth paste do u use and she says tat u have come to ask this and then hapu singh says I came to tell about the chain snatching in our town u should be aware and she says ok u go and find the thieves and he says yes I will and then he says can u give me ginger tea and anita says tat I don’t have gineger at home and then hapu singh says give me only tea and anita says tat tea powder is finished and then he says tat atleast give warm water and anita says tat there is no gas I have told vibhuti to bring it and then he asks for water and Anita says to happu sing tat ok I will bring and happu singh waits and ravi comes and licks hapu singhs leg and hapu singh runs away and goes out of house vibhuti sees this and says tat come on ravi bite him and ravi is chasing hapu singh and they enter tiwaris house and hapu singh stands still once the dog stops near the tulsi tree and tiwari comes out and asks hapu singh wat happen and he indicates tiwari to ravi and tiwari also gets a bit scare and ravi is barking at them.

Tiwari asks doctor wat should be done to be friendly with a dog and doctor says tat u have to become a dog and tiwari sits down and starts acting a like a dog and anguri sees this from upstairs while doctor asks tiwari to take out his tounge and do like a dog and he does and anguri thinks tat the anita s dog bite tiwari and so he has become like a dog.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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