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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 28th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with uncle saying that when will he go to london and when will flight come. Vibhu says anyways he is feeling pressure and he is going for refreshing. Uncle says ok. Vibhu. goes up and wakes up anita and tells her that uncle has come again. Anita tells what man is this and how many times does he come and she tells vibhu that all his family are like this. Vibhu tells it is for money. Anita says ok she will go and you bring anguri. Anita goes. Vibhu goes in toilet. Then he comes down and sees uncle is coming up stairs. He asks what happened? Uncle says he wants to go to the washroom to refresh. Vibhu tells he cant go up. Uncle says why? Vibhu tells there is anu’s room up. Uncle says anu? Vibhu tells he calls his wife by many petnames. Vibhu then tells uncle that you

refresh down only as there is indian toilet down and you enjoy that. Uncle says ok and goes there. Vibhu goes to bring anguri.
Anguris is watering plants. Vibbu goes and asks for her help. Tiwari comes and tells no she will not help at all because he made her brother. Vibhu says so what? Tiwari says get lost i will not help you. Vibhu starts crying and says please help me and dont take advantage and he needs help. Anita also comes she then tells help us. Tiwari then tells ofcourse and anguri goes with vibhu and anita goes with tiwari in. Uncle is sitting and uncle tells anguri to bring breakfast. Anguri says yes she is coming. Happu singh comes and says where is gori mam? Uncle says who are you and what is gori mam? Happu singh tells gori mam is vibhus wife and he is a policeman. Uncle says oh and says gori mam is not vibhus husband and tells sunita is his wife. Anguri comes with breakfast and sees happu singh and is shocked. Uncle says she is vibhus wife. Happu singh says what and tells no you are tiwaris wife. Anguri says who tiwari and tells she doesnt know anyone like that. Vibhu comes. Uncle tells see vibhu who is thsi mad man. Vibhu tells he is not mad and happu singh is having alzheimers. Happu singh says no and tells they are lying. Vibhu shows happu singh wallet and tells lets go out. Happu singh goes with him. Anuri gives uncle breakfast.
At home anita and tiwari are sitting and having coffe. Anita tells when will this uncle go and she then tells that they troubled them so much so we are sorry. Tiwari says no he was greatful to have the privilege to help her. Suddenly mom comes. Tiwari and anita scream. Mom comes and sits. Tiwari says again you came? Mom says yes and she wanted to take keys which she gave to anguri and mom tells call anguri. She then greets anita and tiwari says anguri is washing clothes. Mom tells call her. Tiwari goes in room. Mom and anita talk. Tiwari comes and tells anguri told that she will have bath too so you give keys to mom and let her go. Mom says ok give keys but she will wait because she cant go without looking at her daughter in law once.
There uncle is restless and vibhu ask what happened? He tells that he still cant forget that ink on his face and he wants to take revenge. Vibhu says what? Uncle says yes. Vibhu says so you wikl throw ink on anitas face? Uncle says no she is beautiful and her face will become bad but he will throw ink on her dad. Vibhu says there is no enjoyment in dad and throw it on her husband tiwaris face so that everyday she will feel bad as she will have to look at tiwaris inked face. Uncle says that is good. Vibhu tells uncle to go. Uncle goes. Uncle enters tiwaris house. He then goes and stands in front of tiwari and anita. Tiwari stands up and anita is scared. Uncke removes the bottle of ink. He is throwing when mom comes in between and uncle throws ink on moms face. He stands shocked and scared. Mom is angry. Uncle runs away. Mom says who is this? Tiwari tells he is vibhus uncle. Mom runs behind him. Uncle and vibhu close the door. Mom is pushing the door in anger.

Precap: uncle says from behind the door that he did not see her. Mom says he just come out and she will not leave him. Uncle says its ok as if she was going to take part in beauty contest. Vibhu tells uncle that why did he throw ink on tiwaris mom? Uncle says it was by mistake. Vibhu tells this woman is dangerous and she will hit you so bad that marks will be left on your body.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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