Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 28th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 28th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with vibhu in morning talking with anguri in lawn as she waters the plants. Vibhu says why did you call mom bhabhiji? Anguri says because anita is making a film on me and mom as daughter in law and mother in law relationships. Vibhu says no we can cancel that and why are you even calling mom? She anyway always beats Tiwari and she is a misfit in this outfit. Behind mom has already come and listens everything vibhu says. Mom says you jobless I will remove your outfit now. Vibhu is shocked and walks near mom. Mom picks vibhu by his collar and says you jobless what is your problem if I beat my son Tiwari and why do you always come to trouble my daughter in law anguri? If you come again to disturb them I will beat you. mom puts vibhu down. Vibhu then smiles and takes mom’s

blessings. She says how is anita? vibhu says anita is nice and someday come to drink tea at home. mom says yes. Vibhu then says moti and goes. Pelu removes a chit and gives to mom. Mom reads that he said you are fat and you have to give me 20rs. Mom is shocked.
There in kitchen, vibhu goes as anguri is there. He says hello bhabhiji. Suddenly mom comes and vibhu tries to go home but mom stops him and says what were you saying? And why were you troubling anguri? Vibhu says I just came here to say anita is coming home. vibhu goes. Mom says this guy is jobless and anguri you don’t talk to him much. Anguri says okay.
At home Tiwari is sitting and says damn now mom has come and everything will be a mess. Mom comes and hits Tiwari and says shut up and I will make everything right now. Anguri comes with anita. anita sits and saxena also comes and vibhu too. Anita says mom hello and takes blessing. Mom says so anita you are making a film on me and anguri and I also want to dance with the hero. Anita smiles. She says saxena will be our cameraman and he will take all the shots. Saxena says I like it. anguri says yes so what will the first shot be? Vibhu thinks now I wont even get to talk to anguri. Anita ays the first shot we will take with the Pooja thali and mom giving you blessings. Saxena takes the camera and anita says so lets start.
At night in balcony, anita and saxena are shooting the scenes and mom says dialogue that I am happy to have a daughter in law like you anguri. Anguri says yes mom and how else shall I help you now? And I feel like a daughter when I am with you and can talk freely with you. anita says wow prefect shot. Then mom says so we can do the next scene. Anita says yes we can as this scene was nice and does not need to be shot again. Vibhu comes in his balcony and says come on anita I am not able to sleep alone. Mom says shut up and now you need a milk bottle with nipple or what to sleep? Vibhu says this fat woman is terrible. Mom says what you said? Vibhu says nothing I said goodnight. He goes. Tiwari comes and tells anguri come on I am sleepy and press my legs. Mom says get out now and we are shooting, mom keeps her leg on tiwari’s leg and Tiwari says it hurts. I will go. Tiwari goes too. Anita says in the next scene anguri is pressing your legs and you will bless her. They go in the room to shoot anguri and mom’s scene.
At night Tiwari and vibhu are sleeping in bed. Vibhu kisses Tiwari thinking he is anita. Tiwari gets up and wakes vibhu and says what are you doing? Vibhu says why are you sleeping here and you should have woken me. Tiwari says you were so quick. Vibhu says this all is because of your mom and I am not able to meet anita too. Tiwari says even I am not able to meet anguri. Vibhu says you have to do something about mom and we will plan about that tomorrow. Tiwari says yes we have to plan something so that mom goes home. vibhu says yes.
Next day morning at tea stall tika and malkhan are there and happu singh is sleeping on the seat. Tika says this day is so tough and this happu is sleeping here too as if he doesn’t have his duty. Tika says lets wake him. Tika goes and malkhan and tika say egt up happu commissioner has come. Tika and malkhan stand in salute position. Happu singh gets up suddenly and says jia hind sir. He doesn’t see commissioner and gets angry.

Precap: vibhu and Tiwari are at tea stall, vibhu says we can use a fake baba and he can tell some stupid future so that mom runs away to her house. Tiwari says yes. Tika and malkhan say they will act as baba.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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