Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 28th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 28th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with tiwari going to the same baba ji, and he goes at the tree and calls baba ji but he is not there. Tiwari sits there and says where will i find this baba now? And if he doesnt come then everything will be messed. Baba comes from the van behind and sits, tiwari says i was finding you only. Baba says oh you are that tiwari who ran with his neighbour? Tiwari says no i took those tablets from you which generate heat in the body. Baba says oh you. Tiwari says i need more and take money, baba says no i dont have them now and it will come tomorrow evening. Tiwari says what do i do now? And he goes as there is no solution.
There vibhu tells anguri so now we will dry the clothes and tells anguri to hold tiwaris underwear in a flag position, they both sit in pelus auto

and all clothes are kept there. Anguri holds it in flag position and as pelu drives anguri waves the underwear. Vibhu starts singing song takte rehte tujko from dabanng. As they go at the end by mistake anguri puts underwear on vibhus face and then says sorry and gets down. Vibhu sings again. Anguri says they are pretty dry now.
Tiwari comes at anitas lawn and removes all warm clothes and goes in and is feeling cold. He goes in and anita opens door snf then they sit and she closes door. Anita say so today at 12am i am taking your interview and it will be fun. Tiwari says lets do it in january and it will be more cold then, anita says no last time there was no cold in january and we will do it today itself and go sleep now and come on time at night. Tiwari goes. There yadrams son takes tiwaris warm clothes, tiwari finds his clothes but can not and goes cold.
At night anguri tells mom yes i took clothes and keeps the phone. Tiwari comes out of bathroom wearing vest and underwear. Anguri says what is this? And why are you wearing so less clothes? Tiwari says because he is feeling hot as he is young and strong. Anguri says come and sleep and wear warm clothes, tiwari says no, anguri says wear it, tiwari scolds and goes.
There anita and saxena have put the setup and the camera is ready, tiwari comes and he is feeling cold but acts like its hot. Anita says so people of kanpur he is the man who doesnt feel cold and is sweating even in so much heat, he is wearing only vest and underwear and look at this man, anit asks tiwari so what keeps you going? Tiwari says you, anita says what? Tiwari says i mean you, saxena and all people of kanpur keep me going. Anita says yeah and now people he can dance in this cold too, tiwari is shivering , yadrams som comes and puts the song, heis wearing tiwaris warm clothes, tiwari is shivering but everyone think he is dancing. Then tiwari says thanks and goes. Happu singh and tika malkhan come and happu says whats going on? He sees the footage is live, anita says he is the police inspector of kanpur and happu says hello and says i have caught a lot of theives. Masterji comes and says no he is lying and he has not caught a single thief and today and even yesterday my shawl was stolen which is 2 times. Anita says so see this police officer in who only takes bribe.
There tiwari knocks the door and is feeling cold but anguri doesnt open as she is sleeping, he climbs into vibhus balcony and closes windows. He sees anitas nighty and says wow anitas nighty and wears it. Tiwari goes sleeps beside vibhu. Tiwari starts snoring, vibhu hugs tiwari and sleeps and thinks its anita.

Precap: anita comes home and sees vibhu sleeping with someone and says is this gulfam kali? She removes blanket and sees tiwari and vibhu and is shocked.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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