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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 28th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with vibhu saying to himself that today anita is not at home so he must eat somethibg sweet. Anita who is sitting in an auto opens her tab. She sees from the camera that vibhu is removing pastries from the fridge and is going to eat them. She calls vibhu and asks him what is he doing? He tells acting that he is doing push ups in the lawn. Anita says she knows he is trying to eat pastries. Vibhu thinks how did she know and asks her he is actually doing push ups. Anita tells dont act and says now she knows that he is eating pastries so keep it in the fridge. Vibhu then asks how did she know? Anita says she knows it and gives a cunning smile. He says yeah she must be there somewhere secretly looking at him. He then looks out of the kitchen window. Anita tells no she is

now coming home from her grooming classes. Vibhu says then how did she know. Anita tells she has put a cctv camera in the kitchen so that she can see him do whatever he is doing. Vibhu gets angry and very frsutrated and says what the hell is this and doesnt he have any privacy in life and she cant do this. Anita tells ut is love and that she wants to see him all time. Vibhu keeps pastries in the fridge and keeps the phone. He then keeps a handkerchief on the camera. He goes in the hall and in a bit of rage starts jumping on the sofa and says blo*dy hell that anita cant do this and he has become a slave of her. He then sits on the sofa and thinks and says that this can be his plan. He says to himself that he will keep a camera like that in a bouquet and gift it to anguri and will see her all day long.
At home anguri is speaking to laddos maths teacher. She keeps the phone and calls loaddo out. She tells him that his teacher told he is very weak in maths and he should concentrate from now and go for tuitions. Vibhu comes with a bouquet and tells anguri that laddo will always be weak in maths just like his buffalo father. Anguri says why is he saying like that? Laddo says leave it mom and that this guy is a jobless and will always keep interfering in others life. Anguri tells laddo that vibhu is like his elder brother and say sorry to him. Laddo says sorry and goes. Anguri then tells that for whom is this bouquet for? He tells its for her. Tiwari comes that he doesnt have money and from where did he bring that? Vibhu tells him that he has many assets and he can buy tiwari with his shop too. Vibhu then tells anita has sent thses flowers for her and he gives it to anguri. Anguri says she will keep it in her bedroom. Vibhu says no and keep it in the hall. Vibhu takes it and keeps it on the table in the hall. He goes. Anguri says flowers are pretty and goes. Tiwari kisses the flowers and says anita has given them.

At home as vibhu is sitting and watching through the camera he thinks when will anguri come. But from outside tika and malkhan come and they smell the flowers. Vibhu says anguri did not come and from where did these stupid monsters come from? He then sees that they are speakibg to anguri and then anguri brings samosas and gives them to eat. He says what the hell and anguri is giving these stupid food? After tika and malkhan go anguri comes near to the fkowers and smells it and goes. Tiwari comes and vibhu sees that tiwari is silently coming in the hall and watching a photo of someone in his mobile and kissing it. Vibhu says who must he be kissing and it must be a woman. Anguri comes and tiwari hides his phone. Vibhu says why did he hide his phone and he must investigate. Tiwari goes and suddenly anguri gets hurt on her leg. Vibhu sees this and he gets scared and he throws his plate and is going when anita stops him and asks whereis he going? He tells he is going to meet prem choudhary. Anita asks why? He says just for timepass. She tells no and tells do some work. Vibhu says ok he will make coffe for her and he says lets go inside. Anita goes in and vibhu runs away.
He goes at anguris kitchen and tells her he saw he got hurt and is she fine? Anguri says yes it is still paining but now its fine. Anguri then asks how did he know she has got hurt. Vibhu was going to says cctv but says from telepathy. She says what is that. He then explains her in english that when people love each other then they are connected and they feel each other. Anguri says she did not understand. Vibhu says never mind and asks her should he put a balm on it? She tells tiwari will do it. Then anguri thinks that maybe they both had a connection in that last lifetime and that is why he cares for her. Vibhu asks desperately what connection. Anguri says maybe mother and child connection. Vibhu goes away in anger.
Vibhu is reading newspaper in lawn. Tiwari is coming. Vibhu tells him that he must have returned after doing work of a robber and cheater. Tiwari says what is she saying and what did he do? Vibhu tells he knows evetything about him snd that he looks at a photo in his mobile and kisses it when no one is watching him. Vibhu tells he is cheating anguri. Tiwari gets shocked and says what is he saying and he doesnt do anything like this. Vibhu says then give your phone and he pulls tiwaris phone from his pocket due to which tiwaris pocket gets torned. Vibhu says i am sorry. Tiwari calls anita and tells what vibhu did and he has taken his phone. Anita tells vibhu why is he acting like kids. Then vibhu tells ajita that tiwati is chaeting anguri and he keeps kissing a photo of a woman in his mobile. Anita tells how did he know. Vibhu is going to say cctv when he thinks that if he tells then he wont be able to see anguri next time onwards. Vibhu then tells he just thought and guessed because he thinks tiwati must be doing it. Tiwari tells anita that see he is a liar and he was lying and without any reason blaming him. Anita tells vibhu that this is not done and he should not do this and if he does it next time…..anita tells him that she is watching him. Anita goes. Tiwari tells that anita wanted to says that she will throw him out of the house next time. Tiwari goes.

Precap: anguris mom tells her that there are 3 mistakes in her kundli. Anguri says which? Tiwari and anguri are in the hall. Anguri is having a knife and someone is in front. Anguri slashes that woman with knife and vibhu sees this from camera and he gets scared and astounded and falls down thinking what anguri is doing?.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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