Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 28th August 2015 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 28th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with,tiwari also takes the bottle and drinks it and sits in the cycle rickshaw and vibhuti asks him wat happen y r u here and he says tat actually anguri kicked me out as she asked me the same question as anita bhabhi asked u and then vibhuti laughs at it nd says tat u r a non deserving person for anguri bhabhi nd tiwari says tat excuse me and says tat we both r traveling in the same trouble boat we should think of coming out of it next morning hapu singh meets tiwari and vibhuti in morning and ask them wat r they doing here and they tell tat due to the lie detector machine there wives thought tat they are lieing so they asked them to leave and then vibhuti asks hapu singh to tell anita and anguri tat there is something wrong with the machines and these guys r telling

the truth and hapu singh asks them to give him 2000rs and he will do it for them and then hapu singh agrees and vibhuti asks tiwari to give his 1000rs too and tiwari gives them and hapu singh leaves
Anita and anguri at tiwaris place where anita says tatt even tiwari has someone else in his life and anguri says tat yes I asked him the same questions tat u asked vibhuti and I got to know this I asked him to leave but I m feeling bad now hapu singh comes in and says to them tat lie detector machine has some problem and tiwari and vibhuti are innocent but anita asks him wat proof do u have and hapu singh asks her to sit and do the lie detection process and he asks anita tat weather vibhuti is ur husband and she says yes but the machine blinks red and says tat its false and hapu singh asks the same question to anguri too and the results r same and then anguri says oh god wat have I done and says where must be tiwari and he comes in and he says I love u and vibhuti says tat I m used to it as u always make me leave but even though I love u and then the lie detection machine blasts and hapu singh says tat u lied and the machine blast and everyone laughs
Vibhuti early morning in her kitchen window has radio with him and he says tat anguri bhabhi I have requested a song for u and u will hear the dedication done by me to u and then he sings the song and anguri then asks wat u said and he says tat these rthe lyrics and the song played is different and after he listening she says tat I like this song as vibhuti was trying too shut off the radio and after listening the song she leaves and then the radio jockey says tat we r sorry as by mistakenly we played the wrong song and then they play the actual song after tat saxena is selling rachis singing song and then anita comes there praises his singing talent and also comes anguri there and tells tat she is here to buy rakhi for her brother and asks anita where is her brother while anita replies tat her brother stays in London so this time she will tie rakhi to someone resembling to her brother and describes her brother and tiwari hears this and thinks tat anita bhabhis brothers personality matches to him and anita asks anguri tat where is ur brother while anguri says tat he is in jail and anita asks anguri tat r u going in jail and tieing rakhi while anguri says tat no I will do the same as u r going to do and tie rakhi too someone similar and saxena then says tat u can tie rakhi to me anguri then says tat u r like a son to me I wont tie a rakhi to u and saxena says I like it and anguri describes her brother personality and vibhuti hears this and says to self tat bhabhijis brthers personality matches to mine
Vibhuti and tiwari dream tat anguri is tieing rakhi to vibhuti and anita is tieing rakhi to tiwari and vibhuti gets scared and wakes up and anita asks him wat happen did u see a bad dream and vibhuti says yes a very bad one u will also get scared listening to it and anita says tat well its ok iif u dnt tell as dreams tat u see in the morning can become true even tiwari shouts no this cant happen and anita says to vibhuti tat was this tiwaris voice and vibhuti says tat may be he too has saw a bad dream

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Update Credit to: Tanaya

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