Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 28th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 28th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anita is talking to her friend on home tat Vibhu has said that he will take me out today for lunch and movie and hangs up Anita sees Vibhuti and asks lets go and he asks where go and Anita says tat last night u told we r going out,Vibhuti says Anita this all is not good.

Vibhuti goes to anguri n says bhabhiji this whole world looks like fake now,anguri says why so,Vibhuti says there’s so much hatred here, but bhabhiji ur charms God never fades,anguri says what does it mean anyways I made halwa have some,Vibhuti says sorry but I have stopped eating sweet n masala food,anguri says eat it all ur theory will go away, Tiwari comes n says what are u doing,of he says no let me have it, Vibhuti says tiwariji u shd stop eating all this too it creates lot of Vikar in our body,Tiwari says

go away.

Tika n Malkha waiting for girls,vendor comes singing song,Malkha calls him n says u sell food everywhere in Kanpur right then u must be knowing abt hot girls,vendor says u have bhabhijis in ur colony m there are hottest,Vibhuti comes n says u three stop arguing n all stop here n listen to me,u know Vikar is,Tiwari joins them n says u here again with Vikar,Tika says some new brand ,Vibhuti says u stupid people,Vikar is fakeness in us,Tiwari says unalready have irritated me n anguri leave them at least,Vibhuti says this behaviour is Vikar,connect to God ,God is great n leaves,Tika says what was he saying what Vikar is this,Tiwari says shut up n leaves.

Vibhuti dressed as sadhu,walks in tiwaris house,anguri says from today onwards I will call u Babaji,Vibhuti says ok n now it’s time to Babaji ritual hug me so that my Tapasya goes well,anguri says sure before that I will dance for u too,anguri n Vibhuti dance together,Anita wakes Vibhuti n says what are u doing,Vibhuti wakes up n realises it was a dream,Anita says don’t I keep u happy why are u hugging a pillow when I’m here,Vibhuti says this is not just a pillow, I was dreaming and I saw I was stuck in a daldal n my Guruji saves me n says this daldal is our life,Anita says ur life is stuck with me that’s what ur saying,Vibhuti says it Was a just a dream but effective one,and I’m gonna be a baba now n going jungle,Anita says why going jungle n I’m ur wife I will come with u,Vibhuti says no Anu,Anita says su my Tarzan n me,Vibhuti says go sleep n gn.

Next day,Vibhuti walks to anguri n says good morning,anguri says yes good morning u here why,Vibhuti says I’m he for u my Prasad,anguri says oh I didn’t make Prasad,I will make n then give u, Vibhuti says I’m not talking abt the food Prasad but love u know it’s like bondage,anguri says yes as I love tiwariji,Vibhuti says all waste,bhabhiji he is of no use,anguri says what does that mean, Vibhuti says nothing n leaves.

Tiwari walks to Anita n says why are u upset,anita says what will I tell u know Vibhuti he has decided to take sanyas, Tiwari laughs n says what sanyas,anita says what is so funny,Tiwari says no instead I’m proud of him,Anita says plz have u not thought of me,Tiwari says I’m here, I mean me n anguri are here,Anita says ur my neighbour n not husband,Tiwari wispers I wish I was husband,Anita says speak louder,Tiwari says he has made a decision n ur free now.

Pre cap:anguri says tiwariji tomorrow Vibhutiji is going n so like our ritual I will give him hugs thrice,Tiwari thinks n pray he never returns.
Anita trying to stop Vibhuti from going sanyas.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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