Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 28th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 28th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with,anita picks up the call its her mother in law she says yes mother in law and she says tat have u forgotten the sanskars u didn’t touch my feet and anita says how I m supposed to touch ur feet on phone and her mother in law says tat this needs to be taught to u by ur mom y should I teach and then she asks her to give phone to khachedu (i.e vibhuti) anita says tat he has gone to park and mother in law gets angry and hungs up
While she is angry comes in vibhuti swinging on gate and he gets hurt he then asks anita y r u so angry and she says to vibhuti tat u don’t do any work of mine and he then asks oh ur sari and he asks her to give it to him anita then says tat the sari is already been washed and vibhuti asks who did it and she says tiwari has done the job

and will give me the sari soon vibhuti then says tat he should not have removed tat and she bets with vibhuti and says tat if she wins he will wash all her clothes and he then asks if I win then anita answer even then u will wash all clothes
Manmohan calls tilu and gives him the damaged sari and tells him to roam all around the Kanpur or even hrishikesh haridwar and search for same sari and bring it tilu says yes he will do it but he need money and tiwari gives him 100 rs and tilu says tat this sari costs 10,000 rs and the travelling expense is different then tiwari goes towards the cupboard and removes money and gives to tilu he says where did so much money came from u don’t give me my salary and tiwari then says tat tilu I will double ur sari but pls don’t let anyone know tat I have burnt the sari and saxena hears it as he comes in and stands behind tiwari tilu then tells tiwari tat he has listened now u handle further and tiwari says to tilu that u leave I will handle him and saxena asks brother tiwari whose sari have u burnt I heard it and tiwari says tat he didn’t said sari he said tat anguri has kept a dal on stove which must have burnt and comes in anguri and asks which dal have I kept and saxena says tat no I heard sari and anguri asks which dal while manmohan is kept quiet at the same time comes in anita and vibhuti while anita asks manmohan to give her sari manmohan keeps quiet anita asks him again and saxena says to tiwari tat shall I tel about the burnt sari and tiwari slaps him and vibhuti then asks y r u quiet and using ur hand only and saxena says tat he is quiet because he has burnt a sari anita gets very tensed and asks tiwari where is my sari and he then goes upstairs and he fells down
Everyone then runs upwards and see tat manmohan has fallen on floor and anguri asks him r u ok and anita too asks him r u ok and he says nothing while anguri asks has any part fractured and then anita asks where is my sari and tiwari says I don’t know and anguri says tat I think he has lost his memory and tiwari thinks tat this is best idea until tilu gets the sari I will pretend tat I have lost memory and then vibhuti says its nothing like tat and anita asks him to keep quiet and vibhuti asks tiwari how many fingers are these and tiwari says tat ii can count and then anita asks vibhuti to go and call doctor and anguri is seen crying over this accident.
Doctor comes and says tat he has got some internal injuries and this will take time and vibhuti then says bhabhiji he will have to be admitted to a mental hospital in agra and doctor says tat now there is amnetal hospital here in Kanpur and he tells the address and vibhuti says tat its very near u just have to go by auto rikshaw and give 5 rs the doctor gets angry and says tat if u want to be a doctor be I will leave and then anguri asks doctor to give him injection and doctor says tat injection will not cure it u will have to remind him of past and then they agree tat they will take care of it and then doctor asks to give fees 2000 rs and anguri asks how come 2000 ur fees are 100rs and doctor tells tat few days ago tiwari took a loan of 1900rs and tiwari in his mind says tat anguri he is taking advantage of my situation don’t give him money and anguri gives only 100 rs and says the remaining later tiwari will give u and anguri cries and manmohan asks who is this lady crying here and she cries more loudly
Vibhuti is seen in kitchen making breakfast and anita says to him tat he should help the neighbours and vibhuti asks wat r u talking about and anita explains tat they are our neighbours and u should help them and vibhuti gets very happy and says tat he wil definitely help and anita then says tat also please ask him about my sari and vibhuti says tat he will definitely do it and then he is about to leave she then asks him to first make break fast and then leave and he then prepares break fast
Manmohan calls tilu and asks that where is he and tilu picks up phone he is drunk and tiwari asks him y is ur voice like this and he says tat its because of road and tiwari asks r u misusing my money and tilu says tat u have 5lakh still to give me and then tiwari says tat he will settle all the money matters just bring the sari soon and tilu says yes and hungs up
While vibhuti comes in and asks if bhabhiji is at home and sees tiwari sitting and asks if he still remembers anything and tiwari says no.

Anita is telling manmohan tat this is ur house this is mine and once u came and took a sari from me saying tat u will remove the stain and manmohan acts like he doesnot remember anything while anguri comes out and calls manmohan and vibhuti comes out wearing attire like tiwari and anita also looks a bit upset seeing it.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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