Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 27th October 2017 Written Episode Update: the romance is back into the couples life,

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 27th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Happu says so it was you three and if Saxena says to shoot me will you they say yes,Happu says shut up. Saxena walks in with Gulfamkali,tikka says hit him,Happu says what all is this,Saxena says look they wanted to marry my sister and I wanted to teach you lesson,Happu asks why,Saxena says you called me normal,Happu says you are mad,Gulfamkali says next task,tikka says please no,Gulfamkali says don’t you want to marry me,Tilu says no no,Saxena says Happu will you marry her,Happu shocked.

Vibhu getting ready,Anita asks where to,Vibhu says task,Anita says you really gonna run away with Anguri,Vibhu says yes for our romance,Anita says what logic is this,if you run away,there will be tension,Vibhu says I just wanna feel it,I mean feel the task,it’s a task,and as mintu said

there will be romance back,and if you don’t want to don’t with Tiwari,Anita says I’m not and so won’t you,Vibhu says mintu was your idea and now he has given me a task and I’m doing and you have a problem,Anita says okay go away with Anguri,Vibhu says yes.

Tiwari says mintu I love you,you made my dream come true but Anguri ha stop run away with that Vibhu and I cant stand that,let me do one thing I will ask Anguri not to,Anguri walks in and sits beside him and asks what are you thinking,Tiwari says I’m confused how will I runaway with bhabhiji,Anguri says don’t,even I won’t,Tiwari says good,you will not run away,Anguri says good even you will not,Tiwari says see for sake of romance I have to,Anguri says if you run away with Anita how will romance flourish instead the left romance will also vanish,I’m finding this mintu mad,Tiwari says what will you do if your husband runs away,Anguri says I will shoot my husband and then myself,Tiwari says it’s just a task,Anguri says I cant stand and still if you wish too go,I won’t say anything and she leaves,Tiwari says I will.

Vibhu walks in Tiwari house and says bhabhiji keys go run and hurts his private part hitting the gate and says god,Tiwari walks to him and asks what’s wrong,Vibhu says confusion,is it good to runaway,Tiwari says Same here,Vibhu says and Anu doesn’t want to just to be clear,Tiwari says so is Anguri and is upset that I’m going with bhabhiji,Vibhu says same here.vibhu says my heart isn’t liking it,Tiwari says even I’m feeling same,Vibhu says go to your wife Then,Tiwari says you too good night and both leave.
Master and Vidya still in exchanged clothes,walk in middle of colony and spend romantic time. Anita and Vibhu at a movie and Vibhu enjoys it,Anita says you had slept last time,Vibhu says this time I’m in mood and your mood my god,and baby this hero you,like him I should come on horse and take you away, a man beside and says go away then I have spent money to sleep don’t disturb.vibhu says baby let’s go home and both leave.

Tiwari and Anguri in farms,Tiwari says look the weather is so romantic and cold,come hug me,Tiwari gets a call and he throws the phone and says no work on,y romance and hugs Anguri.

Tilu says when will my boss give me salary,tikka says give him threatening calls,Tilu says I have tried but didn’t work,Happu asks what’s wrong,tikka says tiles salary,Tiwari didn’t give him yet,Happu says I will help you,Tilu says it’s 50000,Happu says deal but what will I get in return,Tilu says 100-500,Happu says atleast 25000, Tilu says that’s half my salary,malkhan says say yes you at least get the half.

Anita says I love to write with fountain pen,Vibhu asks and what are you writing,and is this the old college pen you use to write love letters to me,Anita says yes and also same pen I spill ink in uncles face,Vibhu says Anu one more letter for me please,Anita says okay and starts writing but the pen doesn’t work,Vibhu says just wave the pen,Anita does and the ink spills on uncles face,uncle says the first mark didn’t go yet and she gave second she will be punished and tears will and says don’t worry I will get new one on next trip and leaves.

Commissioner walks in Tiwari house,Tiwari says please come in,and asks how come,he says no nothing good,actually my boxers are of elastic and they are loose now,Tiwari says there is stock inside go get changed,he says okay and gets in. Happu walks and says Tiwari you shameless man,why aren’t you giving Tilu his salary,you make him work but don’t pay,give me 50000,Tiwari says and obviously 25000 must be yours,Happu says don’t argue and give me the money or Else I will encounter you,commissioner walks and Happu in shock.

Pre cap : Tiwari listens a millionaire talk to prem and he says my sister loves some Vibhuti and so I wanna buy Vibhuti,Tiwari says I know Vibhuti.
Tiwari says bhabhiji I know a way you can earn a lot,Anita asks what,he says a millionaires sister has fallen for Vibhuti and he will pay 1.5 crores for him.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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