Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 27th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 27th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with anita reading the book and says what will the suspense be? Tiwari comes, anita says he came and I still have to read. Anita says come in, Tiwari says what are u reading? Anita says that new novel of dr.abhay. Tiwari says oh I read it and that innocent maid is the killer. Anita says what is this and I was reading and u gave the suspense? Tiwari says I am sorry I thought u finished reading it. Anita says I brought this yesterday and u gave the suspense. Tiwari says I am sorry and I did not know. Anita says u spoilt my mood. Saxena brings the author of the novel, anita says I did not recognize him? Saxena says he is the author of the novel u are reading. Anita and Tiwari says we are your big fans and read each and every novel of yours. Saxena says actually I bought

him from the mental centre and he is a bit mental now. The author says I am an author but just like a common man. Anita says yes, vibhu comes he says hello and anita tells author to tell a story. Saxena says yes. Author starts saying, anita says lets go in u tell one story. They go. Vibhu slaps saxena and Tiwari says yes why do u need that stupid guy to say a story.
At tea stall, vibhu and the author dr.abhay is there. Vibhu says why do u say such deep things always. Author says I have just one life so I do what I can as a human. Vibhu says u started again. Tika and malkhan come fighting that the girl they saw is his. Malkhan says its mine, tika says no she is mine. Vibhu says shut up and what is this u tease women and u should be put in jail. Tika says who is this? Vibhu says he is an author and always talks deep things. Tika says hello, author says yes and always be a good man. Vibhu says he is a bit stupid.
At night after eating dinner everyone Tiwari anita vibhu anguri and the author are there. Anita asks how did u like the food? Author says however the food maybe it will always become dust as it goes in stomach. Vibhu gets angry and says why are u so deep and always talking deep shit? He says if u want dust then go and eat dust and everyone liked my food but u are into those deep talks. Anita says let it be and anguri says can u tell us the new story u wrote about the novel Martha. Dr. abhay says okay. He starts reciting, anguri says I will make tea, she goes in kitchen. Writer says the story that everyone just finished dinner and then came in the hall, as they were talking, suddenly there vibhu says this story is boring and anita says what is this vibhu and keep quiet. The writer says the story and the events that occur there are same as the story. Anguri comes in with tea just as writer says in the story. Then writer says Martha was a victim of bad men and so she wanted to kill them after she died and then one day she saw 2 useless men who were talking about the women they just teased. Writer says that they both were unaware that Martha was coming to kill them. There events occur as same and an old woman as Martha goes and bashes up tika and malkhan who are there sitting in the auto talking about women. There writer says he has written only this, anguri claps and says it was good. Writer says thanks and Tiwari and anita say yes it was nice, vibhu says boring and sleeps.
Next day in morning dr.abhay is reading newspaper and talking to himself that every morning brings a lot of deaths and that is bad as people are dying and news is coming in such papers. There vibhu sees this and is annoyed and says what a boring man he is and even dumber than saxena. Vibhu then throws the milk can and tells please stop, then he suddenly hides as he sees gulfam kali, vibhu goes out hiding from walls, but gulfam catches him and says where are u going and why do u ignore me so much and make my life. Vibhu says make ur own life. There writer is writing all this. Gulfam is seducing vibhu and says how do I control myself? Vibhu says please do and we have Tiwari and go to him. Gulfam says I should go to Tiwari so that u are saved? Vibhu says shut up and goes. The writer writes all this.

Precap: writer says exactly same things that are happening, as everyone is eating rabdi. Writer says in story that everyone was eating rabdi and the man gets a call, there vibhu gets a call and goes out. Then writer says Martha comes and stands behind him. There Martha goes and stands behind vibhu.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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