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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 27th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with someone ringing the door bell and a lady naming gulfam kali comes. Vibhuti and tiwari keep looking at her surprised and shocked. She says let me come in. She then gets in and goes n sita beside tiwari closely. He gets up and stands beside vibhuti. He asks her who are you and why have you come here? She says i have many names and if i ll tell my names whole night will get spent and says anyways i am gulfam kali and have come here for your entertainment. They say go away from here and we are not such people, you go from here. She says no i wont go until i complete my singing and dance, and if you dont let me do it then i ll shout and call all the people of the colony. They say no no dont do it please otherwise our respect will get ruined. They agree and she starts

dancing. She holds tiwari and dances with him and vibhuti runs from there and goes to balcony and calls prem and says you said gulfam kali is coming but gulfam has not come instead a kali has come and if anita gets to know i ll get screwed up. Prem says enjoy with her and i have enjoyed several times with her. Vibhuti sees anita coming n gets scared and runs down. Anita says to angoori that the whole plan got ruined n says god knows whether vibhuti has made dinner or not. Angoori says i was thinking how to go home as tiwari might have slept like a horse. They we’ll meet tomorrow and go. Anita rings the bell tiwari opens the door n screams n closes the door. Vibhuti comes running n says anita n angoori have come. They tell gulfam kali to hide n tiwari takes her to the washroom n hide. Vibhuti opens the door n she comes in and he asks how come she came so early? She says the pandit fought with his wife so it got cancelled and i came. He says oh. She says why have you worn such cheap shirt he saya because you were not there so i thought of wearing it. She says from where is this ladies perfume smell coming? He says the door is open so due to that it might have come. She says ok and asks where is tiwari? He says idk. He might be at his home how would i know? She says he opened the door. He says no i opened it so i screamed n closed the door. She says anyways i ll go n get freshen up. He says lets go somewhere out and have dinner n come. She says are u mad to go out at this time n says no i am going up. He gets scared and follows her upstairs. Gulfam kali screams n tiwari comes out of washroom. Anita says what are you doing in my washroom and you only opened the door right and who is that lady who screamed? He says yes i opened the door n seeing u i got pressure so came up n i eat spicy food so i screamt in a slim pitch of female voice. Anita gets disgusted and looks at vibhuti n he says thats why i wasnt telling u that tiwari opened the door. She says ok but let me go now. He says no i clean n put freshner in the washroom u go down n wait. She says yes yes do that n goes down with tiwari. Vibhuti calls gulfam out n asks her to go from the ladder n he will pay her the money. Angoori rings the bell and tells anita that she searched tiwari everywhere but he is not at home n anita says he is here. Tiwari says i was missing u so i came to chat with vibhuti to while away some time. She says ok. Vibhuti comes down n says that i ll come n give some energy to saxena n come. Anita says ok come fast we want to have dinner. He goes n places the ladder n happu sees it n thinks to go n see what vibhuti has done. He climbs n goes in washroom to hide seeing vibhuti come n gulfam screams seeing him. Everyone rush upstairs n anita asks what was that lady’s voice? Vibhuti stands n happu comes out n he hugs him n asks him not to say anything. Anita asks him what was he doing here? He gives the same reason as tiwari n she gets disgusted again n he says i climbed the pipe n came. Vibhuti says i ll clean it n come. They all go down. Vibhuti says i ll give u money now u go please. He goes. Vibhuti calls gulfam out n asks her to go. She gets down from the ladder n goes. He gives a sigh of relief n comes down. Anita says tiwari said thus is your purse. She says is this ladies purse yours? Prem comes n says this purse is mine n takes n behaves like a girl n goes. Vibhuti gives a sigh of relief n says that yes its his n he uses many ladies products.

Precap:- Anita asks vibhuti whether you remember 15th dec date? He says what was that time? She says till u dont remember dont come home. Angoori asks tiwari whether he remembers what food she gave him after the two days of their marriage? He looks at her stunned.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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