Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 27th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 27th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with happu singh talking with saxena. Laddo comes back after tying the laces. Laddo says let him be and you leave him. Happu says yes and says i will go, he goes but falls down. Saxena and laddo run away. Happu says they tied my laces and ran away.
At home anguri is keeping dress for tiwari and tiwari says i am coming from bath and keep it there and make aloo parathas today. Anguri says okay and says his clothes are kept on the bed and goes. Laddo gives thumbs up to saxena and says that he is ready and will take tiwaris clothes. Laddo takes the clothes. Tiwari comes out and searches for the clothes but its not there. Tiwari calls anguri. He then goes in the balcony and sees anita doing yoga. He is happy to see her, saxena blows a fan and tiwaris towel falls down. Anita

sees this and is ashamed and says that coming in the balcony is a punishment now. She goes. Tiwari sees saxena and laddo. Saxena says they were just doing fun. Tiwari goes and reprimands laddo. Laddo calls anguri and anguri tells tiwari not to shout at him and he is a kid. They go.
At the kitchen vibhu comes and says to anguri how are you? She says fine. Tika comes and complaints about laddo being mischievous. Tika goes. Vibhu tells yes actually laddo has become mischievous. Anguri says its okay as laddo is a kid. Vibhu says yes. Anguri says she loves mischievous people and her dad is mischievous too. Vibhu says okay cool. Vibhu thinks even i can be mischievous to impress anguri.
At home tiwari goes and says sorry to anita and tells her about laddo and saxenas mischief. Anita says oh and starts laughing. Tiwari is happy. Anita says even she was mischievous in childhood. They both share some childhood moments and anita tells tiwari never to stop laddo from doing mischief.
At home vibhu wears a ghost mask and goes to do some mischief with anguri. Anguri who just kept the phone is scared suddenly after seeing the ghost mask and she bashes up vibhu on his ass with a stick. Vibhu removes the mask and anguri is shocked to see him. She says sorry and vibhu says he was doing mischief but she bashed him. Anguri goes and brings cream to put on. Vibhu is happy and thinks that i got bashed but i will get the best moment of my life. Anguri comes and vibhu says i got hurt on the face and put it there. She puts cream and vibhu falls down in happiness.
At home tiwari puts on a new swing as anita said she loves swings. Anita is surprised and happy and says she loves swings. Tiwari insists her to sit on it and he will give her a ride on that swing. Anita says okay and tiwari swings as anita sits on it. It is a happy and romantic moment for tiwari. Anita then gets down and tells tiwari to sit and she will swing now. Tiwari says okay and anita swings and says do u enjoy it? Tiwari says yes. Anita then says okay i will do moreand she swings so fast that tiwari goes up flying in the balcony. Anita starts laughing and says see this is my mischief. Tiwari is also happy as he sees anita to be lovely while laughing.
At tea stall, happu singh says that laddo has become very mischievous and he got his knees hurt today. Tiwari and vibhu praise laddo and say they will never reprimand him and let him do his mishief as they both got their best moments of their life today. Laddo and saxwna come with 3 bowls of kheer. Laddo says anguri sent it and take this. All 3 take and start eating. Tiwari vibhu and happu say that it feels sticky and sour and why is that so? Laddo and saxena laugh and laddo tells that he took this kheer from saxenas house and its 2 months old kheer and thats why it tastes like that. Vibhu and tiwari get up and run behind laddo and saxena chasing them.

Precap: anita’s face has become red and she tells vibhu that its because of a lot of heat and she cant handle that and she tells vibhu to bring a cooler now.
At night anita is dancing on the bed as tiwari gives her air with a handfan. Same does anguri as vibhu gives her air with a handfan.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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