Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 27th June 2018 Written Episode Update Basantis fever.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 27th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Basanti watering plants,and says ttheres peace in this work, when bhabhiji does this course amd sings god she looks divine but without brain,Angoori says Tiwari go she is alone, pinch her,Tiwari says she is a lady ssomeones sister and daughter, why make me do this,she will lodge a complaint against me,Angoori says this is a solution we have to perform for our secure safe future and I will handle the complaints go,Tiwari goes pinch, Angoori smiles and leaves.

Basanti says how dare you do it,dont you have any shame and starts beating him,Tiwari says you taking me wrong come let’s go in and talk and holds her hand, Basanti shouts help me,Daddu comes there and says Tiwari leave that lady,Basanti says please save me,and hugs him,Daddu says characterless man, Tiwari says Daddu Angoori

knows all this, Daddy says come here and slaps him,Tiwari leaves.

Basanti says thank you uncle,Daddu says im Bhorilal not your uncle,whats your name,she says Basanti,Bhorilal says come let me drop you home and go on a long ride,Basanti says i have lot of work sorry,Bhorilal says come on let’s enjoy today and not waste time,Basanti says are you mad,Anu comes and says Basanti come quickly and uncle why are you holding Basantis hand,Bhorilal says she is good girl so i wanted her to come to my house,Anu says nope please dont who will work for me then,Bhorilal says your certified helper your husband,Anu says he doesnt now,he keeps fooling around with his friends and Basanti come quickly and dont come into his words and leaves.Basanti to bhorilal says before i whack you please leave.

Bhorilal says if i have her in my life god my life will be heaven, London uncle arrives and thinks who this cheap person is peeping into Tiwari’s House,Bhorilal says David hi,David says come here to Mishra house,Bhorilal says i have work here,Basanti walks out and both stare at her,she ignores them and goes to Mishra house. Bhorilal says you insisted come let’s go now, David says no not necessary.

Anu scolding Basanti,Basanti says i did nothing,Anu says swear on your husband that you didnt gossip,Basanti says I’m not married and yes i did whats wrong in that,Anu says i dont want such maid,who argues with mr,get out.David walks in and says why do this to innocent girl,Anu says what from which angel,David says just listen she won’t get out of this house swear on vibhu,Anu says okay.

Basanti asks so you love your husband a lot,Anu says nothing of this kind,i did this to keep uncles words,get back to work,Basanti plays loud music and starts working,Anu says stop it god and makes a call and says hi sweetheart im sorry i couldnt call yesterday Vibhu my husband was irritating me and let me tell you,I love you and will says I’m going to meenals house and will come see you,bye.

Tikka sweeping,Happu says come massage me now,she says no i wont, happu says your hands have magic cmob quikly,she says if i even step on you you will die,happu says don’t worry just come,she says i wont,happu says come quickly and lies on table,she starts hitting him and clicks selfies with him.

Gulfamkali asks Sarita not to work with her anymore because people love sarita more, Sarita says madam what is my mistake if God made me pretty,Gulfamkali says there’s no fault of yours,its my fault that i allowed you to work at my bar, but now leave, Commissioner walks in and says you wont do this,Gulfamkali says you taking her side,a maids side, Commissioner says she isnt just a maid she is gifted with beauty and its my order you won’t fire her.

Sarita performs for commissioner.

pre cap: Angoori asks Tiwrai to go and kiss basanti. Tiwrai kisses her and Anu watches.
Bhorilal and David fighting for Basanti,Vibhu says lets have a fight whoever wins take Basanti.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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