Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 27th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 27th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with tiwari coming out in morning and he says when will anita come and waits. Anita comes too and tiwari calls her and they meet. Tiwari asks her how is she? Anita says how do I look? Tiwari says very fit and healthy. Anita says yes and for that you need to exercise. Tiwari says yes and I too jog. Anita says no and you just talk with me. Tika comes jogging and stops there. Anita asks him since when did you start jogging? Tika says since today. Tiwari asks why? Tika tells because happu singh has spoken to someone for my marriage and so I am staying fit. Anita says that is good. Tiwari says what you and marriage? Tika says yes. Tiwari laughs and tells who is mad to give their daughter to you. Anita is angry and tells what is this and tika is a human too and why wont he be

married? And he will be married and this is wrong tiwari. Anita goes and tika too. Tiwari goes home.
There happu singh is waiting for tika. Tika comes and happu shows him the photo of the girl and tells that he showed them his photo and the family and the girl has liked him and they are ready for the marriage but have 2 things compulsory. Tika says what? Happu singh tells that ther daughter is 10years older to him, tika says that’s okay and I will manage. Happu says 2nd the boy should have a big family. Tika says but I don’t have one. Happu tells now you see what to do. Tika says I will go and arrange a family.
At tea stall vibhu and tiwari are there. Tika comes and tells them that he is going to get married and he is happy. Both ask so? Tika tells that the girls family is well mannered and they just need that the boy should have a big and good family so can you both be my brothers? Tiwari and vibhu says get lost and who will give his daughter to you and second thing they will not be his brohers and the girls family may think that our dad had some extra marital affairs if he sees us 3 as brothers. Tiwari and vibhu go. Tika is sad.
At home anguri goes and gives anita gourd halwa. They both discuss the recipe. Tika comes and tells them the good news that the girl family has liked him. Anita says that’s good and you will be married soon. Tika says not until I have a family and I am all alone and I don’t have anyone but the girls family wants me to have a family and I need your help and both of you as bhabhiji. Anita and anguri say why not. Tika cries an says tiwari and vibhu insulted me. Anita and anguri say we will be your family members and don’t worry and go and tell them to come tomorrow. Tika is happy and goes.
At night anita tells vibhu that they will help tika and be his family members. Vibhu says he is lying and will not be married. Anita says shut up and he will be and we will be his family members. Anguri convinces tiwari to be tikas elder brother.
Next day at home everyone has dressed and kurta and coats and tika is well dressed in kurta and is wearing a wig. The bell rings and tiwari opens the door. It’s the father and her daughter but the daughter looks of the age of tikas mother in law. The father is too short and about 3 feet. Tiwari is stunned but calls anguri. They welcome them. Tiwari introduces him as tikas elder brother and vibhu introduces as the middle brother. Anguri and anita introduce them as tikas bhabhi and tiwari and vibhus wife respectively. Tika is the boy who is to be married. Everyone touch the feet for blessings of the dad as well as the daughter too. Dad says that you all are well mannered and you touched the legs of my daughter too. Everyone is shocked and the daughter is too old to be called a girl who has to be married. Tika whispers in vibus ears that she is not 10 but must be 20-25 yrs olders than me. Vibhu says marry her and you will get no one else and from her you will get mothers love too. Girls father asks where is their mom and dad? Tika says his dad has gone to tirth yatra and will be back in somedays. Tiwari and vibhu say yes.

Precap: tiwari tells that lets keep the marriage tomorrow because their father will come from tirth yatra after 6 months. girls father tells that then they will keep marriage after 6 months. Tika says no and we can call dad tomorrow too. At home vibhu tells from where will they bring a father in a day? Saxena comes and says is there any wire and he needs a shock. Vibhu and tiwari look at each other and smile.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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