Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 27th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 27th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anguri crying Tiwari scolds me every now and then whose black eyes are on our relation god knows,Vibhu walks in depressed,Anguri asks what’s wrong,Vibhu says I’m sad,Anguri says even I’m sad,Vibhu asks why what happened ,Anguri says he scolded me again,Vibhu says keep him away for some more days,he will learn your value,Anguri says I can’t I will die but won’t separate,Vibhu says this woman loves her husband so much but my wife look.

Tilu walks In and says good I found you here I was looking for you,Vibhu says life sucks what good news you have,Tilu says first 500 note,Vibhu says I don’t have,Tilu says then I won’t, Vibhu says here’s 100 make me smile cmon,Tilu says I saw bhabhiji walk out of bushes last night,Vibhu slaps him and leaves.


on call says Meenal I’m loving this work,Tiwari walks in and is pain,Anita asks how’s everything,Tiwari says I’m sad,Anita says it’s part of life,anyways what’s your pain,Tiwari says I can’t share,Anita says okay,Tiwari says but I always share with you so let me,but I don’t want to upset you,Anita says decide first,Tiwari says i want to show you my bruise,Anita says I dont want to,Tiwari says I will so that you will feel my pain and tell Anguri that stop doing this,Anita sees the Bruise ,and doesn’t react,Tiwari says I know you are crying,Anita starts laughing,Tiwari leaves confused .

Happu on call,at tea stall his face has scratch marks,tikka malkhan join him,tikka asks how are you feeling,happu says because of you I’m beaten,malkhan says how come,happu says meow girl was behind you but hit me,Prem walks in and says she was behind all of us,happu asks why us,what problem she has with us,Prem says she knows,happu says she is dangerous but won’t be spared by me,malkhan says I saw last night she hit you hard.Tiwari walks to them and asks what’s wrong,you have same marks I have on my back,happu says he faced meow girl too,Tiwari asks who,Anita hiding and watching them.

Tikka says so Tiwari bhaiya meow girl hot you hard,Tiwari says no actually Anguri,all make fun of him saying Anguri hit him, embarrassed Tiwari leaves.happu says does that mean Anguri bhabhi is meow girl,tikka says no ways she is so innocent,Gulfamkali walks to them,happu says I have a doubt she is with meow girl,Gulfamkali says no ways in fact I’m at loss because of her and so there’s discount on my show now,so will you guys come,all smile at Gulfamkali.
Saxena still looking for meow girl with milk in hand.

Anita visits commissioner,he says I’m thankful to you,you are doing our work,she says I’m a citizen it’s my duty to save my country,he says you are so appreciable,happu hiding and listening,he says yesterday’s work was commendable,and did anyone see you,Anita says no one,it was dark,he says ok no one saw me as well,today let’s meet at bushes again and I hope your husband isn’t at doubt,Anita says don’t worry,I will manage,he says come let’s have tea,happu misunderstands the situation ,and is in tears and thinks commissioner and Anita are having an affair.

Vibhu drinking,and memorising quality time spent with Anita.happu walks to him,and sits beside him,he gets into the flow with the music Vibhu has played,Vibhu says happu does your wife has an affair too,happu says she is pregnant who will have na affair with her,,Vibhu says then why are you in tears,happu says it’s for Anita bhabhi and the fact she is cheating on you,Vibhu asks what do you mean,happu says your heart is gonna break,Anita bhabhi is having an affair with commissioner and today they will meet again,Vibhu starts laughing,and says god you aren’t fair to me,happu says what did she see in him I was in line too,Vibhu asks what do you mean,happu says come with me let’s share your sorrow,Vibhu asks where shall we go,happu says heaven.

Uncle on call says do you know Gulfamkali has an offer on her ,no it’s not saree sale it’s dance bar looks like it’s gst sale,now I shall share info when I’m back,bye,Pelu not at Vibhus house let’s go at Gulfamkali bar. Prem says uncle you are Great you are here just for dance sale,uncle says I would come even when it would be in hell.prem says I know whole family of yours is interested in all this,uncle says except Vibhu,happu gets in with Vibhu and says take a seat you will forget pain,vibhu says uncle what are you doing here,happu says uncle hello,uncle says I saw discount offer on Gulfamkali performance and so landed,vibhu says I’m leaving,happu says feeling awkward,uncle says when I’m not why are you.

Pre cap : Gulfamkalis performance stops in between and meow girl is back,uncle says what is this now,she hits uncle hard.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Anita and bibhu u gyes do very over acting. Anguri u r so beautiful anu also.

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