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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 27th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with, tiwari is given chopsticks to eat food, tiwari says give me spoon, tila says Chinese is to be eaten by chopstciks it’s a rule by pur boss, vibhu laugh at tiwaris situation, tiwari is unable to eat food, anita asks how was it I made it specially for, tiwari says yes its very nice.
Doctor goes to tiwaris house with a patient, anguri calls tiwari, doctor asks do u know this uncle, tiwari says I don’t know who is he, doctor says he is very serious leving his last few seconds, tiwari asks who is he, doctor says he is ur step uncle, tiwari says oh yes, but I hated him and even dad, doctor says actually he is having property worth crores and his servants want to rob it but ur uncle gave me a letter asking me to give the property to u, tiwari reads the letter and

gets emotional with happiness and says I am sorry uncle I really liked u but bcoz of dad I didn’t talk to u, I really respect u a lot and I wont let u die, and asks doctor when will he die, doctor say soon, anguri says no I wont let that happen, tiwari says keep quite anguri, doctor says ok u take care of him after all its worth a corers, tiwari gets very excited.
Anguri on phone with amaji and tells that I am taking care of uncle the way u said, he will be fine, vibhuti goes to anguri, anguri asks hi how are u, vibhu says very rich but I find it very fake, its just who is real, even anita is acting fake but u are just u,I feel so lonely, anguri says oh god how come,vibhu says bhabhiji I like ur innocence and u know what I don’t want money and leaves,anguri says I never understand what he says.
Anita on phone and says in few days the money will be in bank, vibhu comes and says anu u are right this money is influencing me and my own people are going away, so I don’t want it, lawyer comes and says u are so right,vibhu says shutup give me the money, lawyer says theres a bad news instead og miney ur uncle has transferred a lakhs loan, anu says but this lawyer didn’t tell the truth before, lawyer says so that u don’t deny to recognize him, anu says look vibhu how relatives u have, anu and vibhu get into argument, pandeji comes asking for money, anu explains him the situation, pandeyji says I need my money and have nothing to do with ur monry, servants come to ask for salary, tiwari comes and says don’t worry bhabhiji I will help u, anita asks how, tiwari says my ste uncle was here and he left me his property to me, so heres the chaque book and let me pay all ur bills, anita says thanku tiwariji u really saved us, tiwari says all for u and vibhuti if u have some more loan I may help u, anguri calls tiwar, tiwari says I guess my uncle is dead, tiwari sees his uncle exercising and all fit and says bye manu and leaves,vibhuti says was he ur uncle, tiwari says yes he was, doctor comes and says tiwariji anguri bhabhijis medicine gave ur uncle a new life congratualtions, anita and vibhuti thank tiwari and leave.
Anita sees her friend jasi at door and welcomes her home, jasi asks how are u, anita says very well how are u, jasi says all good, jasi says I am here to surprise and calls anitas dog, which she gave to jasi, anita gets excited and hugs the dog and says I miss u so much, anita says bcoz of vibhu I cant keep him with me, jasi says anita plz keep him for few days until sanjays exhibition bcoz last exhibition this dog spoiled it all, anita says no worry I will adjust.
Vibhu goes to meet anguri bhabhi, anguri is busy with her poetry, vibhu starts showing of his body and says ur husband needs to make a physic too, anguri says even I want him to look like salman khan, vibhu says for this u have to stop his food, anguri says oh really salman khan doesn’t eat,vibhu says he does but for with juices and all like bitter guard juice and soaps, tiwari comes and says what are u teaching her, anguri says look at vibhutiji u shd make a physic like him too,tiwari says he is jobless, I am business man and so busy, anguri says I don’t know from today no food I want u to look good, tiwari says to vibhu what all u keep teaching her, vibhu says oh u felt bad but see if u get a physic u can model for ur lingerie,anguri shouts loudly from kitchen.

Precap: tiwari compliments anita saying she shines and is so radiant.
Vibhuti sleeping thinks its anita on him kissing him but wakes up and finds it’s a dog.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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