Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 27th January 2016 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 27th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with uncle ringing tiwaris house door bell. He gets electric shocks. Anita opens the door. Uncle keeps looking at her anxiously. Anita says what happened uncle and do u want more ink on face because this time she has ink that does not get removed easily from face. Uncle runs away back in the house. Anita closes the door and goes up. Uncle goes home and says to himself that he had seen anita here then how did she go there and says that must have been an illusion and says anyways leave it. Vibhu comes and asks so what did u see? Uncle tells anita was there. Vibhu tells i told u that anita is there and sunits is here so u did not listen. Uncle says ok anywayd u go and sleep up with sunita(anguri). Vibhu tells no he cant and today he will sleep here on the couch. Uncle says

no go there and if a man stays with other woman whole day then its ok but at night you should sleep with your wife. Vibhu says no its ok i will sleep here. Uncle says no go now. Vibhu says please uncle dont annoy and you are a very difficult man to talk to. Uncle says yes thats right. Vibhu tells anyways he will make coffee.
At tiwaris house in balcony, tiwari and anita are drinking coffee. Tiwari tells that he doesnt think anguri is safe there because the uncle must have come bavk for her only. Anita says no his flight must have delayed and you dont worry anguri is safe. Tiwari is drinking coffee and he suddenly spits it out from fear and sees his mom coming. He tells anita oh my god mom is coming and why is she coming so late. Anita gets scared and says what to do. Tiwari tells he will go and stop her and you go and tell anguri. Anita says ok and goes. Tiwari goes down as mom rings the bell. He opens door and acts as he is sleepy. Mom slaps him. Tiwari says oh mom you came so late. Mom tells her bus had stuck in traffic for many hours so she cane from auto. Tiwari tries to stop mom by talking to her but mom says she wants to meet anguri. Tiwari tells she is sleeping n having headache. Mom tells let me in and goes running up. There anita has already told anguri about this that mom has come. Mom goes up and sees someone sleeping in blanket covered. It is anguri. Mom then wakes anguri up and tells that how are you and anguri asks mom you came so late? Mom tells yes her bus had stuck in traffic and tells anyways i will sleep here and mom sleeps and starts snoring. Tiwari and anguri look at mom.
There anita is telling vibhu from window that how much time and she is feeling cold and be quick. Uncle calls vibhu tellsing him to bring coffee quickly. Vibhu tells anita go n hide and vibhu takes coffee outside. Uncle says its very hot and tells he enjoys having hot coffee in winter. Vibhu says yes. Then uncle gets a call and it says that the flight which was delayed is taking off so he is called as the snow sheet from londons airport has also gone. Uncle says ok and keeps phone and tells vibhu i am going. Vibhu says ok. He goes out to bid him and looks happy. Uncle says why are you looking happy? Vibhu then starts crying and tells come agaib soon and uncle goes. Anita comes and is shivering and vibhu tells come in and lets sleep and they go.
Next day morning mom is doing a pooja for tiwari and anguri in the frontyard and after done mom tells anguri to tie this ribbon to tiwaris hand and she will come. Mom goes in. But suddenly uncle comes again in the auto and he stops it there and is shocked to see anguri tying ribbon to tiwari. He calls vibhu. Vibhu says oh you came again and uncle asks vibhu what is anguri(sunita) doing this and why is she tying this to tiwari? Vibhu tells that tiwari is actually her brother and every year anguri celebrates rakhi with him. Tiwari gets angry and vibhu tells that her brother is angry too. Uncle says oh and tells tiwari that take good care of your sister. Tiwari gets angry again. Vibhu tells anyways you come with me in and pulls uncle in his house.

Precap: vibhu tells tiwari to send anguri with him in his house for help. Tiwari says why you called me her brother and is angry. Vibhu says shut up and help me. Tiwaris says get lost and she wont come. Vibhu starts crying and tells please help me and dont take advantage of his helplessness and please help me. Anguri is serving breakfast to uncle when happu singh comes. He asks anguri when did u become vibhus wife? Anguri says since yesterday.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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