Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 27th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 27th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with anita anguri Tiwari and vibhu in the lawn in morning. Everyone is drinking tea and vibhu says anguri you made such a tasty tea and no one can make tea like you can. Anita says yeah? Even I make tea and its is tasty too. Vibhu says when do you even make tea? And I am the one always making tea and food. Do you remember the last time you mad tea? Tiwari says she does make tea and I drank so many times and it is as tasty as anguri’s tea. Anguri says yes even I drank. Anita says see they know. Tiwari says anyway, anita ji what is going in your grooming classes nowadays? Anita says nowadays the topic of mother in law and daughter in law problems are going on. Anguri says yeah? Anita says yes their daily fights and what the reason is. Anita says I am making a documentary

film on a daughter in law and her mother in law and that they shouldn’t fight and have hate for each other. Vibhu says you hate my mom and you always fight for her so don’t even talk about that film. Anita syas I never fight and your mom taunts me all the time. Tiwari says let it be and your mom is cheap vibhu. Vibhu says what you said? Your mom is fat. Anguri scolds vibhu, he says sorry. Anita then says anguri why don’t you call your mom and I will make a documentary on you btoh. Anguri says yes that will be fun. Tiwari and vibhu say no.
At home anguri calls mom in front of Tiwari and tells her that anita wants to make a film on them both and their lovely relation and even Tiwari is missing her a lot even if he says no but he misses you by heart. Mom says okay I will come and keeps phone. Tiwari says why did you invite mom? Anguri says for the film she invited her. Tiwari says do your own work and I will tell mom not to come, if you call her again then see. Anguri goes. Tiwari says what a problem this is now.
At tea stall tika is there and vibhu and Tiwari come. Tika says what happened? Today Tiwari your face looks like a pumpkin. Tiwari slaps tika and he sits. Vibhu says why did you call your mom and please tell her not to come. Tiwari says anguri called her man and even I don’t want mom here. Vibhu thinks if mom comes he wont be able to meet anguri. Vibhu says call your mom now and tell her not to come and the film is cancelled. Tiwari says I will do what I have to, you don’t worry. Vibhu says call her now. Tiwari says what the hell is your problem man? If my mom comes or no what is that to you? vibhu sits quiet and then gets up and goes.
At night at home, anguri tells Tiwari that mom was happy and even she wants to come. Tiwari says please shut up and sleep and do not call mom here. Anguri says why? She misses you and loves you. Tiwari thinks if mom comes she will make his life a mess and beat him everyday. Tiwari scolds anguri that shut up and not to call mom. Anguri takes the phone and calls mom and says mom Tiwari is crying a lot and he is missing you and come now. Tiwari is shocked and he takes the phone, anguri laughs and says I played a prank and I did not call mom. Tiwari scolds anguri loudly, she sleeps. Tiwari keeps the phone angrily.
At night anita is singing song and vibhu is walking with her. They come and sit on their balcony wall. Anita says my documentary has to be a hit. Vibhu says baby lets do 1 thing and lets go out of town tomorrow to some hill station or something because we did not go out for so many day right? Anita says that’s a nice plan vibhu and we can do that. Vibhu says are you sure? If yes then I will book the first train tomorrow. Anita says yes I am sure. Vibhu says then I will book the first train and we will go tomorrow. Anita is happy and says yes. Happu singh comes. Vibhu says why does it look like someone beat you very bad? happu says shut up don’t say anything and I am tensed because i have a night duty today and it will be stressful. Anita says I can give you the solutions to your stressful night duty and even now I am making a documentary film on mother in law and daughter in law, that is, on anguri and tiwaris mom. Suddenly an auto comes and gulfam is in it. she says happu you only called me now to pick you and take you to my house for a program. Anita and vibhu look at happu singh. Vibhu says so this is your night duty you liar. Happu says don’t say anything gulfam kali and I did not call you, anyway I will leave you home come. Happu feels ashamed in front of anita and goes with gulfam kali.

Precap: vibhu is on street and tells angrui who is in her lawn that don’t call mom because she is a misfit in the outfit of your house. Mom is behind in auto and she says I will remove you outfit now vibhuti. Mom picks up vibhu by his collar.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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