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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 27th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with vibhu stopping anita and she doesnt stop. He tries romancing with her on a song but anita goes. There saxena is the cameraman man and anita is reporting crime in the city at night as saxena shoots the video. As anita is there, happu is forced to do his duty at night otherwise she would do the reporting live.
Next day vibhu comes taking milk and sees anguri, and says hi anguri says hi. She says its very cold even tk talk. Vibhu says yes but we become best friends. Anguri says why? Vibhu says i work at home washing utensils clothes and do all work and you do work at home too, so i am house husband and you are housewife. Anguri says yes we are friends. Anguri says anyway i will go as i cant withstand the cold, vibhu says anguri looks so beautiful in so much cold

too. Vibhu takes milk and says lets go vibhuti its cold here. He goes.
There tiwari comed from jogging and is wearing half pants and a t shirt he feels cold and then stands in his lwan and says i will take those tablets so i feel heat and impress anita now. He eats tablets and starts feeling very hot. There anita at home is reading the magazine chant saheli and reads that if your husband is feeling too cold than normal then give him hot milk, water and everything shall be hot. Anita says vibhu is suffering same thing and i will give him all this. Tiwari comes at the door and knocks, anita says this man had to come now and the fog has entered the house and why did he come? Anita opens door, tiwari sits inside. Anita sits. Tiwaro says its so hot and he presses his handkerchief and water comes out. Anita says you are feeling hot and even sweating in so much cold how? Tiwari says actually i am younger and my body is fit so i am feeling hot. Anita says oh but doesnt seem like you are young and how do you do this? Tiwari says he drinks milk and eats almonds and also does exercise for 2 to 3 hours. Anita says what? And i never saw you exercising. Tiwari says he does it in the bathroom. Anita says but that day we were racing you got tired in like 10 steps, tiwari laughs and says i was just joking that time. Anita says can you do 1 thing and at night the temperature will be more low so i will take your interview and let the people know and get inspiration that a person is there in kanpur city who is fit and is sweating as he is fit, tiwari says yes i will come and do anything you say anita. Tiwari says anyway i will go as its hot and sit in AC. Anita says whatever it is he is sweating and is younger and fitter than vibhu.
In the balcony, vibhu comes and sees the clothes and says this didnt dry till now and this anita has tantrums and she wants to wear this dress today and how do i dry this? Why does this happen only to me god? Vibhu then takes his underwear and its not dry, anguri comes in her balcony, vibhu in hiding the underwear throws it doen, a man walking by gets it in his hand. Man looks up, vibhu says hi to anguri. Anguri says hi and says i am feeling very lousy and smiles, vibhu says no tiwari is lousy and its lazy, anguri says sahi pakde hain! Vibhu says i am feeling lazy too but still working, anguri says yes and the water is so cold that my hands are freezing and dont feel. Vibhu says thats true its very cold. Vibhu says but i have a trcik for clothes and they will dry in an hour, anguri says how? Vibhu says i will show you later. Anguri says okay and goes. The man throws underwear and goes. Vibhu takes it and goes.
At tea stall, happu is sleeping and tika and malkhan come. Malkhan says look tika happu is sleeping. Tika says yeah i will wake him up just see. Tika goes and shouts in happus ears that commissioner has come, happu gets up and says jai hind sir and sees tika standing and commissioner is not there. Happu slaps tika and tika sits down. Tika and malkhan say why are you sleeping in the day and do your duty. Happu says man yesterdsy whole night i was doing duty and at least i have to sleep sometime so i was sleeping. Tika malkhan say okay thats fair enough. Happu says do one work for me and if you both do my work at night tne i will give you 400rupees each,1 entire quarter alcohol and chicken to eat. Tika and malkahn say give us 500 each and we will do it. Happu says okay man take it but do the work, tika and malkhan take money and say okay we will do the work.

Precap: tiwari asks some more tablets from the babaji as his tablets got over. Baba ji says i dont have any left now sorry, there tiwari tells anita lets wait for some time so that temperature lowers more then i will be in full form. Anita says no i want to take the interview today itself. Tiwari is scared as he doesnt have tablets.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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