Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 27th August 2015 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 27th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,hapu singh says tat tiwari ok i will do it for u as there are 3 holes in the machine a white hole where the current reaches it says true blinks green if u change it will blink red and tiwari says ok thanq and then hapu singh says tat this was not for free wat will my pregnant wife will do and my 9 childrens will do and then tiwari gives him cash and leaves while hapu singh says to tiwari tat u gave 100 rs less but till then tiwari leaves
Tiwari reaches home and changes the wires and then says now whatever anita will ask vibhuti it will blink red and he will be claimed as telling false and then he thinks of testing it and connects all the wires and asks 2 to 3 questions and says tat vibhuti is a nice person and the machine blinks red again tiwari says tat vibhuti

is very bad person and the machine blings red and comes anguri asking tiwari tat wat she should cook for dinner and tiwari tells her tat she can cook matar panner he likes it very much and the machine blinks red and anguri says to tiwari tat y ru lieing and tiwarii says tat no i m not lieing and she then asks him should i cook dudhi and tiwari says tat no i don’t like it and machine blinks red and anguri says tat see it means u like it i will cook it for u and she leaves
Hau singh is punishing tika and malkhan as he found them giving a girl giving a toffee which was expired and then malkhan says tat promise inspector here after we wont do it and leave us and then he allows them to go and then comes vibhuti there and says to hapu singh tat he is in a big tension now an du can help me and hapu singh asks how can i help and vibhuti tells tat anita is going to take my lie detection test so before she starts asking me u come there and take the machine away and u can keep it at saxena s place and happu singh says ok agreed but wat would i get and vibhuti gives him 500 and says more 500 later after u take the machine away and he then leaves
Hapu singh is waiting but he gets a call from commissioner and they r immediately called at office and he then says sorry brother vibhuti i could not help u this time and he leaves vibhuti is sitting for the test and saxena is standing beside him and says i m ready with this injection if vibhuti brother gets any feats i will inject him and vibhuti thinks of doing time pass until hapu singh comes and scold saxena tat y r u here u are already mad wat will u treat me and then anita asks vibhuti shall we start and vibhuti says ok but anita u r looking very beautiful and tiwari says tat y r u doing time pass and vibhuti shouts tat i m not doing time pass i m praising my wife do u have a problem and then anita asks vibhu shall we starts thrice and vibhuti in his mind thinks tat hapu singh has ditched me and then he says ok start and anita asks do u love any other girl than me and vibhuti answers i only love u and the machine blinks red and anguri says this means tat u r lieing and anita gets very upset and leaves and anguri says tat i never expected this from u and then vibhuti gwhile leaveing saxena says tat wat will i do of this injection and vibhuti in nanger injects him with the injection and saxena says tat i like it and vibhuti leaves
Anita is sitting upset in hall and vibhuti comes and says i m not lieing there must be some problem in machine and anita says i m sure u r saying false as i m sure u don’t love me and then she asks him to leave and comes in tiwari and anita comes with bag packed and asks vibhuti to leave and tiwari laughs and vibhuti says tat i m not guilty but anita doesnot listens to him and vibhuti leaves and tiwari then says tat anita bhabhi i feel bad how did vibhuti did this to u and naita gets angry and says tat there is no gurantee of men and i doubt u too wat is gurantee tat u r also clear and then tiwari says now i will leave and anita too asks him to go and goes.
Tiwari calls anita to enquire how is she and tiwari is laughing and says tat i really feel bad tat vibhuti behaved so badly and anita says pls don’t remind me of it now but i was thinking may be he is telling the truth the mahine is wrong and tiwari changes his words and says tat all men are like this only but very few are nice and anguri hears all this and then tiwari hungs up and then anguri says to tiwari tat pls wear the connections of the lie detection system and he says ok so u want to ask me questions and then anguri asks him tat tell me do u love only me or any other women also and tiwari thinks tat now i m caught and thinks wat should i do and then says wat question r u asking ask about how many year was ram in vanvas and anguri says tat i know all the Ramayana and answer my question now and Tiwari answers to anguri tat i only love u and no one else and the machine blinks red and anguri gets angry and starts crying and says tat i never thought tat u will be like this u were saying tat vibhuti is like this but u r the same and goes in kitchen very angry and tiwari tries stopping her but she doesnot listens Vibhuti is sitting on pelus rickshaw and having drinks and tiwari passes and they both see each other

Vibhuti says to tiwari tat we r going through same problem and we need to solve this and he agrees and then vibhuti says tat we will take help from hapu singh and then he says ok later hapu singh is near the machine and vibhuti,anita ,anguri and tiwari are also present there and while hapu singh is talking the lie detector machine blasts

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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