Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 27th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 27th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tiwari says bhabhiji we caught him red handed,Anita says u two can leave,Tiwari n Gulfamkali leave,Vibhuti says see Anu they making fun of my sight now,Anita says don’t want worry I have taken an specialist appointment u soon will be ok.

Vibhuti stumbling here n there goes to tiwaris house n says bhabhiji how are u, anguri says good how come u here, anyways tell me how’s my new dress,Vibhuti thinks God I can’t see her how will I compliment her,Vibhuti says pink suits u very pretty,anguri says but this is blue anyways n my waist belt,Vibhuti says very lucky I mean very nice,n my Payal,Vibhuti says good very good,Tiwari walks on n says what this off bulb doing here,Vibhuti says excuse me I can see, Tiwari says get out, Vibhuti stabling here n there leaves.


asks what’s wrong with him,Tiwari says forget him concentrate on me,Vibhuti says God why did U do this,Saxena hears this n says bhaiya I will help u,Vibhuti says will u give me ur eyes,Saxena says no I will give u live commentary,Vibhuti says thanku Saxena.

Anguri in balcony, Tiwari asks why are u upset with me,anguri says I’m very upset, why didn’t u tell me that Vibhutiji can’t see n why did u insult him very bad,Tiwari says he is a big drama,anguri says what it means if I go blind u will call me drama too,Tiwari says no darling,Anguri says we shd motivate Anita n Vibhutiji .they must be so hurt,Tiwari says ok as u say,I will go say sorry to bhabhiji ,anguri says why her,Tiwari says I mean Vibhutiji,anguri says good so when U will say sorry I will talk to u,Tiwari says I promise I will say sorry now come give me lunch.

Saxena n Vibhuti in Vibhutis balcony,Saxena says its so fresh here, Vibhuti says tell me what’s going in bhabhiji balcony,Saxena says I see a crow shitting here n there, Vibhuti says what is this tell something interesting tell me is bhabhiji in her balcony, Saxena says oh she just arrived,drying clothes,Vibhuti says good how is she looking, Saxena says my bhabhi ma looks like goddess Yashoda, Vibhuti says what is she wearing, Saxena says what a ma wears, Vibhuti says u are my eyes not urs,she is not my ma, n slaps him,Saxena says I like it n says have u seen dewar,she looks like Nirupa Roy,Vibhuti slaps him n says shut up tell me has she lost weight,is here waist as it is or more tonnes, Saxena says I can only see my bhabhi ma n her charan, Vibhuti slaps him now while doing so slips n falls on Tiwari both go unconscious.

Tiwari n Vibhuti in bed unconscious,Saxena says I’m trying lets see if they wake up,Vibhuti slowly opens his eyes,Anita says look Vibhu, Vibhu open ur eyes,anguri says yes quickly,Vibhuti wakes up n sees anguri n says oh god I can see bhabhiji, u look so good in blue n orange,oh god I can see, Anita says Vibhu u can see wow,anguri says look tiwariji too, open ur eyes quickly,Anita says yes open ur eyes,Tiwari sees unclear image of Anita n says bhabhiji why do us look unclear,Vibhuti says looks like ur bulb off too,anguri says oh god what to do now,Saxena says don’t worry I will give u live commentary,anguri starts crying.

Anguri on phone talking to Amaji,Amaji says I’m exercising how abt u,and u know Gandha pehlawan going Himalaya so we going to see off,every lady going bcoz he hugs every lady thrice so that his Tapasya is fulfilled bye now.

Tiwari says anguri whom u were talking to,anguri says Amaji,Vibhuti at door hearing them,anguri tells Tiwari abt Amaji n hugs to fulfill Tapasya of Gandha pehlawan,Vibhuti says wow.tiwari thinks how if I too go n bhabhiji hugs me thrice,anguri says what are u thinking,Tiwari says thinking I become baba too n u hug me thrice, Tiwari says I will make u my cheli then come lets have some fun,anguri says no I’m busy n leaves,Vibhuti says God bhabhiji is so natural I love her moves.

Pre cap :Anita says Vibhuti u want to go for Tapasya n do what make ur own jungle book n roam in jungle in ur chadi,Vibhuti says I’m going that’s it, this is all like a moha maya to me now.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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