Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 27th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 27th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with,deepu comes in anguris room and tells her tat he has brought something for her and gives her a juice and asks her to take care of her beauty and anguri says that tiwari also praises he a lot once he said tat in her yellow sari she looks like a cow in a field and deepu says this is not the way to praise vibhuti peaises very nicely and then anguri says but she likes the way tiwari praises her and then gets up and says tat she cant see all day like this she needs to do some work and I will make some samosas for tiwari.vibhuti says to self tat anguri is very sweet and sees her ear ring and thinks tat this may be fallen here so tat he could pick it
When anguri comes down and sees a man sweeping the floor it is tiwari but she cant see him so she asks who r u and tiwari

turns and anguri gets shocked and asks him y r u doing this and he tells tat deepu made him do this and she gets angry and calls deepu down and asks him y did u made him do this and starts hitting him with a broom and comes in anita and says tat they cant hit him and anguri gets very angry and runs behind deepu while deepu enters anitas house and locks him and anita also runs to stop them she says to anguri to calm down while anguri says tat she will not as she cant see anyone insulting her husband and vibhuti opens door and anguri asks where is deepu and vibhuti tells tat he came in from door and ran away to his town from window and gives anguri the earring and says before leaving he gave it to him and anguri says tat yes this is really my ear ring and vibhuti says tat may be he was a nice person but tiwari says tat he must be a thief and vibhuti says no if he was a thief he would not have given it back and then tiwari notices the black spot on vibhutis cheek and says tat yes he has given u a tat black spot before leaving and vibhuti and anita sees it and vibhuti says tat before leaving deepu got emotional and hugged him and may be at that time it stucked up and vibhuti removes it and eats it eeewww.
Nest day morning angur is doing her pooja and vibhuti comes out to take milk he sees and comes to anguri and says good morning and says tat she looks beautiful just like a sweet and anguri then says tat she has to leave as she has to prepare rashgullas and litthi chokha the famous dish of bihar and goes in and anita is seen worrying about her sari she says tat this stain is not going at all and crying and comes in manmohan and asks y r u crying and he says tat he knows she is crying because of vibhuti and anita says no I mnot crying because of him and tells him tat it is because of this stain on her favouirate sari and tiwari says give me tat sari and I will remove the stains and give the sari to me and her mother will get happy in heaven and anita tells tat her mother is alive and manmohan takes her sari and leaves and and anita says to him tat if he gets success in removing this stain she will give him surprise and tiwari wonders he may get her love
He then decides to ask anguri how to remove the stain but he then thinks tat she will take the sari and remove the stain herself and he decides to remove it by his hands and then makes a call at home and anguri picks up and talks in a female voice and says tat she is a lady living behind her house and wants to know how to remove a stain and she tells to use Lemon,honey and warm water and after listening this manmohan hungs up and comes to anguri and asks with whom was she talking and she says with a lady from another colony and then asks her to make tea for him and she sees a polythene in his hand and asks wat is this and he says its his kurta she then says tat she wants to see and he says no its is not stictched properly and he is going to return and she leaves and asks her to bring some lemon and honey and she says yes and goes in kitchen
Manmohan then washes anitas sari and before ironing he thanks anitas mother for letting this sari being anitas favorite and dreams tat she is expressing her love to him and he dreams tat anita will call him manu but then anguri calls as she is coming upstairs tiwari hides the sari under bed and takes out his handkerchief and starts ironing and anguri tells him tat she is going to bazaar to buy some bangles and tiwari says to her tat go and buy lot of bangles and she leaves and tiwari then again removes the sari and starts ironing and the phone bell rings he thinks tat it is anitas phone and in a hurry he keeps the iron on the sari and gets up to pick up the phone he talks to anita and she asks him about the sari and he tells tat he will bring it in few minutes and anita gets very happy and says tat she is waiting for him and manmohan also gets very happy and he smells tat something is burning and then he thinks has anguri left the utencils on gas but as he turns he sees tat anitas sari has burnt and he gets very upset.

Anita tells vibhuti tat he does not does any of her work and vibhuti then asks her to give the sari and she tells tat its all ready been taken by tiwari and he has also removed the stain and then saxena manmohan and anguri are seen in tiwaris house where anita and vibhuti come and anita asks tiiwari to give her sari and tiwari makes faces.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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