Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 26th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Happu Singh moustache is half shaved.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 26th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tilu asks why are you behind Happu Singh,malkhan says there’s lot of risk,Saxena says that’s the fun, and just look at the reward,tikka Tilu malkhan look at Gulfamkali.

Vibhu makes arrangements for candle light and says atlast my dream is gonna be true,thanks to mintu Chabbra, and I will express my heart to her and will say I love you,Anguri walks in,Anguri says I’m feeling so shy,Vibhu says just let it all go and just say those words,Anguri asks which,Vibhu says that you love me,Anguri says I feel shy,Vibhu says bhabhiji this is a very special evening feel it from inside,Anguri asks how should I,Vibhu says just look into my eyes what do you see,Anguri says there’s dust didn’t you wash your face,Vibhu says other than that,Anguri says something white

do you have Moti bindu,Vibhu says yes it’s your love,I always thought Anu is most beautiful but you are a ultimate woman,you have that earthiness.

Uncle walks in,and shouts what are you doing,you are romancing neighbor wife,Vibhu says you are taking it wrong,uncle says Anguri I never expected this from you,and Vibhu what is this,and this will and tears it and throws at them and leaves.

Daddy and Amaji, Amaji says don’t be upset,daddy says we saw Tiwari in saree,Amaji says even Anguri was in Tiwaris clothes,daddy says you know how innocent Anguri is,Tiwari must have forced her,and I think you have given birth to a daughter and so get him married to a man and let my daughter free,Amaji says calm down Tiwari is a man,he just behaves like his father,daddy asks what do you mean.

Tiwari and Anita in candle night dinner,Anita says stop starring,Tiwari says I just cant believe,I’m having candle light dinner with you,Anita says we had dinner so many times me you Vibhu and Anguri,Tiwari says no this is special so let’s start,Anita asks what,Tiwari says romance,Anita says I cant,Tiwari says it’s a task,Anita says I’m not comfortable,Tiwari says let me make you comfortable,Anita asks how will you,Tiwari says do you feel comfortable with Vibhu,Anita says yes he is my husband,Tiwari says then feel like I’m Vibhu,Anita says no I cant.

Amaji says when I was newly married my husband was to do the same,daddy asks what,Amaji says I use to wear gents clothes and he use to wear saree,daddy asks then,Amaji says you are intelligent enough to understand,daddy says if I ask will you wear those clothes again,just to see how you look,Amaji says cmon,juts try understand them it’s just a new way if romance let’s go in and forgive Tiwari,daddy says okay and has a drink.

Tiwari says let me propose you,Anita says okay,Tiwari says Anu,form the say I have seen you I just cant stop the breeze inside me,the storm the tsunami inside me,daddy and Amaji walk in,daddy slaps Tiwari and says first you married my daughter and now this neighbours wife,and Amaji what is this,did you teach this to your son,and Anita you look educated but,and slaps Tiwari and leaves,Amaji says I made efforts to get daddy here,Anita says Amaji the thing is,Amaji says I know it’s not your fault it’s your frustration with Vibhu and Tiwari you are cheating on Anguri and starts whacking him.

Anguri walks in and stops Amaji,Amaji says he is romancing with her and where were you so late,Anguri says romancing at Vibhutis place.

Happu getting a shave,he says Happu get a new moustache style,Happu says dare you touch them it’s my style,Tilu says he is right,ladies die for it,Tilu keeps him busy in talks,tikka from behind slowly shaves his half moustache,Happu asks what else ladies says,Tilu says they just love you,Tilu says I should leave now,Happu says tell me more,Tilu says they find you cheap and leaves.saxena says Happu why don’t you see yourself in mirror.happu is shocked.

Mintu classes,mintu asks master who did you romance,master says I was in garden and my wrestler neighbour came on me,Vidya says I had a good experience.mintu asks Vibhu,Vibhu says not so nice,Anita says not nice at all,Anguri says same here Tiwari says I had fun,I mean ok.

Mintu says next task is fun,Vibhu and Tiwari you have to run away with your neighbours wives,Tiwari and Vibhu very happy.

Tikka Tilu and malkhan in jail and are beaten badly by Happu,Happu saves soon I will break you three,malkhan says please,Tilu says they will grow back and we did this because it was a task,tikka says Saxena asked us too,malkhan says even the cake was his idea.

Pre cap : Anita says how is this a romance,Vibhu says mintu was your idea and it’s his task,Anita says okay run away with Anguri. Anguri says if my husband runs away I will shoot him and then myself,Tiwari in shock.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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