Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 26th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 26th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Tiwari at night thinking where anguri is at so late? Anguri comes. Tiwari says from where are u coming? Anguri says she was at moon. Tiwari says shut up and tell me the truth I swear you. Anguri says okay I will tell u and she tells Tiwari that vibhu is an extra nude. Tiwari says what? Anguri says the one which goe on moon, Tiwari says its astronaut and he is a liar. Anguri says no and his rocket lands at jhaparkati but it did not come today as there was some traffic. Tiwari says this vibhu fools everyone and you are no.1 on the list as you are a boredom and a fool. Anguri says u called me boredom and she starts crying and goes. Tiwari says I should do something about this vibhu.
Next day malkhan and tika are digging and malkhan says still 8 feet is left and

we are so string but cant even dig this hole. Tika says yes. There happu comes and sits at tea stall and tells commissioner on phone that yes he will do it and catch that guy. Tiwari says what are u talking about? Happu tells he has been given a mission to catch an astronaut who is selling intel of our country to enemy country. Tiwari says what if I give u information related to that. Happu says yes give me. Tiwari says that guy is vibhu as anguri told him that vibhu always dresses up as astronaut everyday and talks to anguri about moon and mars. Happu singh says then I wont leave that jobless guy.
At kitchen anguri is there, vibhu outside talks with saxena and tells that wear this dress of alien. Saxena wears it, vibhu tells we have to make anguri happy as she is depressed nowadays. Vibhu goes and tells anguri he will make her meet someone, he calls saxena who is the alien, anguri gets scared and vibhu says don’t be scared and he is my friend and lives on mars. Anguri says wow that’s nice and its so good to meet some other planet person. Alien nods and anguri asks are u hungry? Vibhu asks in some language, saxena says no. vibhu says he has to go and he is not hungry. They both go. Anguri says that was nice.
At home happu and Tiwari go and are talking with anita. they ask some question since what time she knows vibhu? Then anita says please come to the point otherwise go. Happu says he has got information against vibhu that he is an agent and astronaut and selling secret intel of the country to enemy country. Anita says what and how is that even possible as he is jobless. Tiwari says no and he does this and he goes everyday out and does this. Anita says no he cant betray his country. Happu says see we hae got information from high sources and u can witness it tonight. Tiwari says whom would u support your country or a guy who has betrayed his country? Anita says I will support my country. Iwari says that right, we will show u today.
At night anguri and vibhu are there and vibhu is in spacesuit. He tells lets eat the muttery and tea. Anguri says no and we will eat in rocket and everyday u do this and eat all muttery here but the rocket does not come. Vibhu says the rocket will take time to come and lets eat till then the rocket comes. Anguri says okay, they remove tea and muttery. Happu singh anita and Tiwari come and happu points vibhu at gun. He tells I arrest u as you gave intel to enemy country. Vibhu says no I did not. Anita says take this guy who betrayed his country. Happu says come on, vibhu says no believe me and I swear on mom and I was just having some fun. Happu gets call that the guy has been arrested at the border. Happu says he is saved he did not do anything. Vibhu says yes as I wanted to eat muttery and tea and I hadn’t eaten of anguris hand as Tiwari would let me so I did all this. Anguri gets sad and says you are a very useless man and she goes with Tiwari. Happu says sorry and goes. Anita tells vibhu u look very cute in this space suit and take me to the moon. Vibhu says yes in the bedroom. They go. Episode ends.
In the morning anguri is singing and vibhu comes and tells yesterday I saw very good dream. Anguri says what dream? He tells that I was sleeping and my love was with me and her beautiful hair. Anguri says who was it? Vibhu says you and then says you guess it. Anguri says its anita. there gulfam kali comes out from neighbor house. She says sometimes look at me too and leave anita. anguri says oh my god and why are u here? She says my house is being renovated and so I came here for some days to stay near vibhu. Vibhu is scared and goes. Anguri says Tiwari will have to be carefuk as gulfam has shifted here,
Precap: anita and vibhu and anguri and Tiwari are there and an old writer is there. Anita says tell the story u have written of Martha. Writer starts reading story about a haunted woman Martha who kills people.

Precap: anita and vibhu and anguri and Tiwari are there and an old writer is there. Anita says tell the story u have written of Martha. Writer starts reading story about a haunted woman Martha who kills people.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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