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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 26th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with angoori singing song n watering plants. She sees a woman driving car who passes by from her bungalow. She then says even i want to drive. Vibhuti comes there n asks her whether she likes driving. She says yes n says i want to learn driving. He says then tell tiwari to get a car for you n i will teach you driving. She says you? You know how to drive. He says yes i know to drive you assume that i was born in car only. She laughs n says where were you born on front seat or back seat? He says no i meant that i learnt driving when i was small. She says ok i ll tell tiwari to get a car for me n goes. Vibhuti dreams about him n angoori on a long drive. Tiwari comes down n tells her that he is going to shop. She comes n says have breakfast n milk. He says i have had u come

to the point what do u want? She says i want car. He says toy car? She says i m not a kid i want a real car n i want to learn driving n drive car. He shouts at her n says u should cook n do household work not drive n says he wont buy a car. Angoori says u r very bad n mean n goes from there being angry. Anita is waiting for auto n gets irritated that there isn’t one single auto here n i m waiting since long time not even one empty auto has come. Tiwari sees her n says wow morning morning seen her. He goes to her n says good morning n asks what is she doing here? She says she is waiting for auto from last one hour but not a single auto has come. He says he’ll drop her. She says how will he take her on his shoulders. He thinks i wish i could have. She says what are you thinking? He says no i will take you by auto. She says i ll go by auto if i get it n says that if u had a car then u could have dropped me. Pellu comes n she asks pellu to stop n says where were u, u know that at this time i have to go for grooming classes already i have got late now drop me. She says bye to tiwari. Tiwari says indirectly anita has asked for a car so that i can drop her to classes. Tika n malkhan at tea stall are as doing loaferness. Tiwari comes n sits n asks them whether they know anyone who would give a second hand car. They say no. Happu comes n he asks him, he says he knows one person n he’ll talk to him n get him a car. Tiwari asks what about the money. He says 1 lac n 10000 his commission. He says no lessen it then says ok n goes with him to see the car. At night, tiwari tries to talk to angoori n lessen her anger by giving her a good news. She says sge doesnt want to talk to him as she is angry with him. He says he has booked a car n tomorrow the car will come. She gets happy n says she will also learn driving now. He murmurs if she drives then next day it will come in newspaper. She says what did he say. He says that i ll drive n u’ll sit beside me like a queen. She says ok n thinks once let the car come then i ll learn driving. She starts laughing n sleeps. He says your accelerator started n he also sleeps n thinks that i n anita will go together everyday now. Anita goes to vibhuti in a pissed off mood as she was waiting for auto for 1 hour n then for 1 1/2 hour. She says i was feeling that time that we should have a small car so that i dont get this problem of auto. He says take it from your savings. She says if i use my savings what will our kids eat then? She says if u would have a job then we could have taken a car but you are useless. He says at night while sleeping why do you remove such topics. She says its hopeless talking to you. He sleeps.
Its morning, angoori n tiwari do puja of the new car. Anita comes n says wow u took a new car n congratulates them. Angoori says i insisted to him that i wabt so he took n it’s not a new car its a old second hand car. He shushes her but she speaks. Anita says if there is any more person for giving car then tell me. The screen feezes on tiwari’s face.

Precap:- Vibhuti makes sound n angoori comes n asks him not to make noise or tiwari will wake up. He says ok give the car keys. She says wait i am coming n asks him to catch her scandals. He catches it n says i cant wait now come fast lets drive. He is going to kiss angoori’s scandals.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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