Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 26th November 2015 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 26th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with angoori saying that dont do this vibhuti please teach me. He says i cant teach i am sorry. Anita says vibhuti teach her n he is about to say sorry but happu keeps his gun on his waist so he starts teaching angoori. Vibhuti says you come inside i ll teach you english. Tiwari asks anita does she want tea or coffee, she doesnt respond. Happu says i ll have tea if you don’t mind. Anita, Tiwari, Saxena, Happu singh, Malkhan and Tika are sitting at tiwari’s house in the verandah waiting for angoori to come n speak english. Vibhuti comes and says now I ll call my student, pupil and follower. Tiwari says why are you wasting our time call angoori. He calls angoori and she comes and starts speaking english fluently. She then says an essay on the people of colony

and in that she insults everyone unknowingly but speaks english well. She completes her essay and everyone looks at her a bit astounded. Then anita breaks the silence and everyone clap for angooti so that she doesnt feel bad. She says you said very well english. Angoori shy’s and goes away. Anita looks at vibhuti angrily and taunts him that you have done lot of teaching now clean the blockages of the kitchen sink. She goes and so does vibhuti go. And everyone there leaves.
Next day, saxena comes and tells tiwari that he is learning astrology so he will tell him where his stars fall and reads his hand and says that you are a very cheap man and you have your eyes on another woman. He slaps him hard and says get lost what are you saying and shouts at him. Angoori comes and asks what happened why are you shouting at saxena and asking him to go? Tiwari says nothing he is mad you go inside. Saxena says i am studying astrology and i read tiwari’s hand and got to know that he might get behind another woman so keep him in control. He goes. Angoori gets angry at tiwari and goes. Tiwari says to himself that saxena said right. She throws vessel. At night anita gets a call from the editor of meri chunt saheli magazine who tells her that the next day at night she’ll be doing a puja kind of thing for men who run behind other woman. Anita says ok she’ll come and says she is a big fan of hers and keeps the call. Angoori comes and anita calls her and asks how is she? Angoori tells she is not fine and tells about saxena’s astrology on tiwari. Anita says all men are the same and tells her about the puja and tells that we should go there and says if tiwari says anything i ll handle it you just come. Next day tiwari and vibhuti leave angoori and anita and say whats the nedd to go to such a useless puja. They say we want to go and say we will come next day morning so take care and they leave. Vibhuti’s friend prem comes and says anita is not there so we should party and i ll call gulfam kali also. Vibhuti and tiwari get happy. At night, at vibhuti’s house tiwari and vibhuti have a talk that how anita and angoori are not there so there is no spark in their respective houses.

Precap:- Vibhuti opens the door and a lady comes. Tiwari looks at her and keeps his mouth open. Vibhuti calls prem and says you said gulfam kali is coming but gulfam has not come instead a kali has come and if anita gets to know i ll get screwed up. He sees anita coming n gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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