Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 26th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 26th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with vibhu agreeing to anita for being a thief then she says you dress up like jagga then you enter through door and then pointing a gun at me you order me to dance and then vibhu leaves for dressing like thief and then gets out of his house and brings a ladder and starts climbing it while vibhus chachaji comes their and sees him climbing up and thinking him a thief and then he climbs behind him and finds him dancing with anita and gets down and calls him and tells him that anita is dancing with a thief and by listening this he tells chachaji to hold for a minute and tells anita that chahchaji has seen us dancing and doing romance then tell him something and ignore him then vibhu tells him that you go on stay with gulfam kali tonight as im out of the house for work ill be

there tomorrow morning but chachaji says I don’t know anything you should be there right now.
Vibhu changes and arrives there and with chahaji enters in the house and then they enquire anita then she agrees that she was dancing and doing romance with a thief and thiers nothing wrong in that. Chachaji says that it is wrong for a married woman but she interrupts by saying that you to leave chachiji alone and enjoy with others then what should I call such behavior then vibhu says do you want to say that he is characterless and then chachaji says that she didn’t say anything you are giving her idea.
Chachaji says this is all because vibhus chachiij is kabaddi player whenever I try to do romance with her she just touches him and runs away last 40 years ive been trying to catch her but I have been unsuccessful. Vibhu says it is wrong doubting him as he is giving us all his property to me. chachaji says I have written your name in the will and not his because he will waste all the money so ive done this but seeing your behavior I’ll tear it in front of you but anita stops him and says that he was vibhu and it was my style of romancing but chachaji says no I don’t belive you because you both are lying for my property and tears it into pieces and before leaving he slaps vibhu and then he leaves and at the door gate he asks pelu that will he drive a taxi at London and then he leaves for airport.
The next day morning tikka malkahan talks that today there is sunita’s party and if we don’t arrange money for gift it will be our time to leave this city. So they decide to fool anguri and take money so when she arrives tikka tells her that bhabhiji malkhans liver is injured and we need money for his operation then anguri says that stop crying I will bring money but tikka says that don’t tell to tiwari because he wont believe us and he wont give us money she says ok and then goes and brings money and gives them and tells them there is no need to repay this debt. By the time sunita comes there and says that tikka you don’t come to my party because I have heard that you have misbehaved with my second fiancée’s sister so if they see you my marriage would break again so don’t come and slaps him and then malkhan asks her that whether he can come to her party but she slaps him and then moves away. Tikka then returns the money and says that bhabhiji I think malkhans liver is alright now and returns money and goes away.

Precap: at night in bedroom anita and vibhu are talking. In morning vibhu and saxena are near the lawn of anguri’s house. saxena makes some sounds. Listening to the sounds vibhu thinks he should open a band with saxena and anguri. There anguri vibhu tika malkhan saxena and pelu come dresses as a band.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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