Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 26th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 26th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with anita opening her house door and tiwari comes with a cbi officer. Anita says what work does cbi officer have with me? Tiwari says he has work with vibhu and not with you. The cbi officer says that i will introduce myself and i am pintoo. He asks anita that your husbands name is V.narayan right? Anita says yes but he doesnt use that name and his name is vibhuti. Pintoo says okay call him and i want to talk to him. Anita says okay wait and closes the door. She calls vibhu and tells cbi officer has come. Vibhu says he said he doesnt have any swiss account and i just have 200rs in my account. Anita says what and then why did u lie? Vibhu says tiwari insulted me that day so i told this lie. Anita says why did u do this and now that officer has come. Vibhu says do something

and i will go and hide. Anuta says okay. She tells tiwari and the officer that vibhu is not at home and they have misunderstood him to be someone else. Pintoo says no and let me in and i will search him. They go up to see vibhu. Vibhu is in kitchen and anita tells him to go. Vibhu goes from the kitchen. Tiwari and pintoo come down and pintoo says i will go now but come later and take my card.
Vibhu wears a mask and goes to anguris kitchen. Anguri says what are you doing here? Vibhu says please help me and let me hide here and the cbi is behind me. Anguri pushes vibhu behind and he falls down, she says i have no place for people like you. Vibhu goes as anguri goes.
At tea stall tika and malkhan say that they did not know vibhu had so much money. Vibhu comes wearing a mask and sits there. He tells tika and malkhan to help him. Tika says why should we and because of people like you we are poor. Vibhu says please help me. Tika and malkhan say okay come at our house but we will charge 1 crore per hour. Vibhu slaps them and goes.
At anguris house, vibhu is hiding under anguris bed. Vibhu says this is the best place to hide and no one will find me. Anguri comes and lays on her bed. She is reading magazine when by mistake vibhu corrects her. Anguri sees down and its vibhu. She says what are you doing here? Vibhu says that i am hiding and please let me hide tonight and next day i will go. He then swears her to tiwari and anguri says okay. Vibhu goes under the bed again as tiwari comes. Tiwari is happy and he tells anguri that lets romance and anguri says no but still tiwari says lets do and anguri pushes him back. Tiwaro falls down and sees vibhu. He brings vibhu out and asks anguri why did you let him in here? Anguri says he made me swear on you. Tiwari pushes vibhu and throws him out of his house.
At home next day doorbell rings and tiwari and the officer come. Anita opens door as vibhu hides. She tells them that vibhu is not at home. The officer says he came to say sorry as the V.narayan has been caught and we are sorry. Anita says wow thats good and she calls vibhu and tells they had a misunderstanding and its clear now. Vibhu tells the officer that he distirbed them a lot and that is not good and he will complain. Pintoo says okay come one now and i lied about this and just to bring you out and come i have quesions for u. Vibhu says what and is going when a reporter on tv says that the V.narayan has been caught and a new list has been revealed where a M.M.Tiwari from kanpur is there. Officer asks tiwari his full name and then vibhu tells the short form and everyone look at tiwari. Episode ends.
Saxena and laddo are passing time and playing. Laddo says lets do something cool and make someone a fool. Saxena suggests about tiwari and vibhu but laddo says he has already done that. Happu singh comes talking on phone and as he is talking laddo tells saxena lets make him a fool. Saxena says okay. Happu keeps phone. Saxena says what stupdity are you upto happu singh? Happu singh says what did i do anddont talk with me like that. Laddo goes from behind and ties happu singhs both shoe laces to each other as saxena keeps him busy in a conversation.

Precap: tiwari is in balcony and has a towel toed to his legs and is watching anita doing yoga. Anita opens her eyes and tiwaris towel fells down.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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