Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 26th March 2018 Written Episode Update tiwari forgets angooris birthday.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 26th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dadu wakes up and says god it was a scary dream my anguri will have a bad phase and push it over me but not my daughter. Dadu gets a call from acharya(acharya had predicted that on anguris 31 birthday and at evening who ever shall be with her their bad phase shall also begin)dadu picks the call,acharya says I called to remind you about the phase and there’s no escape to it.dadu says I have to do something and leaves.

Anguri gets call from her friend to wish her happy birthday,her friend says she won’t be able to attend party,anguri says yes tiwari always wishes her,she says but her husband always forgets,anguri says he never forgets and always surprises me and bye he is coming.

Tiwari walks to her and asks where’s breakfast,anguri says tell me one thing,what’s special

in April,tiwari says yes I know what it is,April on the 1st we celebrate Fools day,anguri says the whole world knows it,but there’s something else on that day too let me give you a hint,someone special celebrates birthday,tiwari memorises whole colonies birthdate.

Anguri starts crying and says you remember every ones birthday except mine,vibhu walks in and says 1st April and wish you a very happy birthday, tiwari says oh slipped out of my mind,vibhu says he remembers even gulfamkalis birthday he is your fake husband,Tiwari says I’m her husband by heart and you are bhabhis hopeless husband.vibhu says you don’t love her and so you don’t remember her birthday.anguri says how true I don’t want to talk to you,tiwari gets upset and leaves,Vibhu says bhabhiji don’t be upset let’s make it special for you.

Anu on call with Meenal says Anurag is going for the 4th time to Bangkok and you aren’t accompanying him,not even once you went right,I want you to check if it’s business trip or something else,don’t fool yourself ok.

Tiwari walks in,anu says yes come,anu asks why do you look upset,tiwari says your Vibhuti is the reason,he is making anguri against me,anu says why will he do so,tiwari says I’m king of lingerie and my mind is into so many business and things and so if anguris birthday slip my mind what’s the big deal,anu says how could you,tiwari says even Vibhuti must be forgetting,anu says no he never forgets,tiwari says this isn’t possible,anu says he has my birthdate on his heart.

Vibhu and anguri walk in and Vibhu says throw him out he hurt the birthday girl,anguri says yes a lot,vibhu says he has no right to live,tiwari says you are crossing your lines,anu says why are you so upset,vibhu says I remember her birthdate but he doesn’t,anu says and my birthdate,vibhu says how can I forget yours,anguri says look he knows,anu says tell everyone,vibhu says I love you so much everyday is a birthday for you.

Tiwari says birthdate,vibhu says let’s play a game,anu says shut up just tell the date,vibhu says its there,anu says do you remember or you don’t,tiwari says look I told you he won’t,tiwari says but I do it’s 7 October.anguri stares at tiwari.
Vibhu says bhabhiji look he knows anitas birthdate but forgot yours.

Tilu tikka malkhan at tea stall,tikka says it’s long we didn’t have any party ,malkhan says arrange my wedding then I shal throw huge party,tikka makes fun of him and start laughing:

Tiwari and saxena walk to them,tikka says arrange a party,tilu says have you lost it who are you asking,tiwari slaps him,saxena says he is right you haven’t given him he is salary,tiwari says shut up and announce,saxena says ok boys there’s a party as it’s anguri bhabhis birthday.

Tikka says are you guys fooling,saxena says I never lie,happu walks to them and ask what’s the party news,tiwari says you are invited too,to have free food,happu says how dare you, I’m in good mood don’t spoil it,tiwari says and you three won’t eat too much last time you ate 40 peoples food alone and get some gift,tilu says why not give me Salary first,tiwari slaps him.

Anguri and Vibhu anu discussing party menu,vibhu asks do you like meetha raita anguri says no,vibhu says okay cancel,anu says why I like it and you know it,vibhu says the menu will be as per her choice,anguri says no make it as per guests choice they should love it and add meetha raita she loves it,anu says Thank you.

Anguri asks what should cook in vegetables,vibhu says simple and notes a big list,anu says calm down it’s birthday party this sounds like hotel menu,vibhu sarcastically says you tell me then you want koftas,anguri says wow I love them,anu says now say cmon it’s her birthday her choice.

Dadu walks in,anguri very happy,rushes to him and hugs him,vibhu goes and kisses him,dadu says stop it boy,vibhu says I love you,dadu asks why,vibhu says for the seeds you sow earlier and the plant which I see now forget it now,anguri asks why didn’t you come past few days,dadu says actually I’m off these days.

Anu asks why are you off,dadu says I’m worried for angoori,vibhu says you are responsible for it,you let her marry a bad person,anu says Vibhu enough,Tiwari comes there,angoori says look he is so upset,dadu says the things is when angoori was a kid,vibhu says she still is,mentally she is like a child kid,anu says enough let him talk,dadu says an acharya of our family had predicted that when angoori shall celebrate her 31st birthday she and all people around her will enter. Bad phase.

Pre cap:angooris birthday celebration,dadu says I pray that the 7.30 consequence doesn’t occur,anu says soon it will be 7.30 and you will learn all this is fake,tiwari begins count down and exactly at 7.30 clock falls on him.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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