Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 26th June 2018 Written Episode Update Charms of maid.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 26th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Basanti working in kitchen and thinks what’s wrong with Tiwari why is he behaving this way. Angoori says look she is cooking go get close to her,go pinch her,Tiwari says no she will hit me,Angoori says dont worry i will step in,now go pinch her.

Tiwari slowky walks to Basanti, Anu comes in her kitchen window and asks Basanti is your work done there,Basanti says i will come there in an hour, Anu leaves,Tiwari about to pinch,Basanti hits him.

Saxena says Chimatu you dont have to do any household work, i will pay you as promised,Chimatu asks what will i have to do and dont expect I will entertain any nonsense,Saxena says let me tell you what you have to do.

Basanti in Mishra house,Anu reading magazine about mens weakness,Anu says wow interesting,Basanti says what nonsense

is then and insults Anu,Anu says how much you talk i hate people who talk so much please focus on cleaning, Basanti plays loud music and starts cleaning,Anu says stop it i hate loud music, Basanti says i can work only with this loud music, Anu says god this women, Basanti asks aren’t you happy with your husband you always so irritated, Anu says no he tries to keep me happy but the thing is he never gets to the mark and im bored of him now.

Saxena hands Chimatu belt and says just hit me, Chimatu says what, Saxena says dont worry just hit me,Chimatu starts whacking him. Sarita working at Gulfamkalis bar, Commissioner walks in, Gulfamkali asks how come you here today, Commissioner asks who this lady is, Gulfamkali says my helping hand, Commissioner says so Sarati what all can you do, Gulfamkali says where you are getting into her details, Commissioner thinks you have no idea some maids have chram, Gulfamkali begins her performance, Commissioner says you must be tired now let this women dance a bit.Sarita begins her performance.

Tikka says Vibhu bhaiya this work is so risky,this happu asked me to massage him, Malkhan says Commissioner made me dance for him,Tikka says these men i tell you, Malkhan says dont forget you are a man too,Tilu says Saxena made me hit me with belt,Tikka asks how was you experience Vibhu bhaiya, Vibhu tells how Tiwari tried to go close to him and right infront of bhabhiji,Malkhan says thats not done he could have send her out,Vibhu says quite now and wrap up we have work tomorrow.

Vibhu in bedroom,Anu says hi,Vibhu doens’t reply,Anu asks why is there no reply anything wrong, Vibhu says all is right infact,Anu says stop irritating tell me,Vibhu says so i just irritate you,Anu says stop turning my irritation to anger come here tell me what’s wrong,Vibhu says you told Basanti you are bored of me,Anu says i did, Vibhu says you are bored of me,Anu says i was testing her if she is b*t*hing about me,and she proved it, uncultured women, Vibhu says enough whats her mistake,she just told me the truth,its your fault you are responsible for it.

Anu says you find a maid right infront of wife,Vibhu says right is right good night. Anu thinks i have to be careful with this maid or else she will make us fight. Saxena says Chimatu good you came now start with your work, Chimatu says i wont do this work,Saxena says today’s work is you will have to stab me,Chimatu says i won’t never,Saxena says if you don’t,i will stab you.

Pre cap : Tiwari holding Basantis hand and she cryinh for help,ddaddu saves her.
London uncle and Daddu mad behind Basanti.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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