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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 26th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with,tiwari comes in and says tat even I m in queue pls solve my roblem too and he comes in and says hi to anita and then jhole vale baba asks him to sit down and he asks him wat is ur question and tiwari asks wat if in a situation where amaji and anguri are sinking whom should I save and jhole vale baba tells tat u should save amaji as other people will save anguri and everyone present there says tat yes we will and then tiwari asks next question is there really a lace like heaven and jhole vale baba says tat u drink poison when u will die u will get to know and everyone laughs and jhole vale baba then says tat do u know tat a donkey always says no to every question and then hapu singh says tat how is this and jhole vale baba says tat I will show u and asks tiwari are

u a donkey and then he touches jhole vale babas feet and says u r great and then everyone leave
Jhole vale baba is sitting to have food and anita comes and says tat I have actually cooked chicken and anguri told me tat u have given up food and u will only eat fruits and anguri and tiwari comes with fruits for him and she then gives it to jhole vale baba and anguri then asks anita tat has she also given up food then anita replies tat no I m going to have chicken and then jhole vale baba says to anita tat u should also have vegetarian food and keep tat chicken in fridge and she asks y and baba says so tat it will feel cold and then tiwari says to anguri lets leave I am hungry and baba calls tiwari and says tat u will not have food it is ur punishment and then call anguri and says tat take this fruit for u and don’t give food to tiwari today and then they leave
The same night vibhuti in his room on his bed says tat due to this jhole vale babas act I haven’t ate anything I want to eat chicken and while he leaves comes in anita and she asks wat r u doing baba and he says tat he is doing uoga and now he will go out to have fresh air and then anita tells him tat if u r hungry should I give u more fruits and he says no I will take a walk and he goes in kitchen hiding and opens the fridege and starts eating chicken and suddenly lights get on and everyone along with anita come and catch him red handed and seeing this anguri says tat jhole vale baba was vegetarian and y did u layed wit our emotions and anita asks him to explain y did he fooled everyone as they all trusted u and tikas friend says because tika trusted u he is still taking bath in drainage and then vibhuti tells them tat anguri saw him talking to a plant and she thought tat I m jhole vale baba and I did not wanted to hurt her feelings and he then says sorry to everyone and even anita also says sorry to everyone and then hapu singh says tat anita bhabhi just because of u I m leaving this vibhuti and everyone leaves and anita asks vibhuti to come up as he will teach him a lesson.
Next morning vibhuti shouts in his dream tat pls don’t take my anita in prison and anita comes running and wakes him u and she shouts at him and says y do u always see such dreams about me and asks y don’t u dream like we r in mountains and vibhuti says tat I m scared of heights and anita then says tat y not in a garden and vibhuti says tat I m having an allergy with flowers anita gets angry at his answers and leaves and vibhuti says tat the real dreams y should I tell her and later anita is seen reading a murder story and tiwari comes in and she gets scared and tiwari asks wat were u reading and anita says tat a murder story where a lady kills her neighbor because he was taking advantage of her and tiwari then says tat we are caring neighbors and anita says tat yes u r actually I will never get a neighbor like u and tiwari gets very happy and says thank u and then anita says but really if some neighbor behaves like this even I will kill him and tiwari says to anita tat bhabhiji u should not read such negative books read books of love and anita gets a call and she asks to excuse and talks to her friend rajo asking her still the condition same wait I will tell u the solution and anita goes in and then tiwari leaves
Anguri is working and ladu is doing skating and he then asks anguri to pls start doing skates nd she says no while vibhuti comes and stands near anguris door and sees all this while ladu makes anguri wear skates and is trying to do skates and then vibhuti imagines tat he is soing skating with anguri bhabhi and singing songs along with her and then gets back to reality and says anguri bhabhi is so innocent and he leaves
Anguri is talking to amaji on phone tat she has made an pickle and tiwari has liked it and suddenly comes saxena and then anguri hangs up the phone and she asks saxena tat y did he came like this and saxena says tat from today morning no one has hit me and I am like ur son so I request u to please hit me and anguri says tat I never hit anyone and saxena says tat u r a mother so please hit me and she says if I hit u it will be wrong and anguri says tat I have never hit anyone and asks him to go and ask tiwari to hit him and saxena gets an idea and he thinks tat saying wrong about tiwari will make anguri very angry and she will hit me so he starts abusing tiwari anguri warns him to stop saying this but he continues to abuse and anguri gets very angry and hits him hardly and saxena faints.

Vibhuti tells tat saxena is dead and he then suggests tat no need to inform police me and tiwari will hide his body and while they are going to hide his body someone starts shooting their moves and tiwari shouts to vibhuti tat someone is filming us in tension.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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