Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 26th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 26th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vibhu says same uncle Anita visits every night,uncle asks how are you and my Anita , I was missing you two so thought of seeing you,Vibhu asks did you see Anita anytime soon,uncle says I just landed,Vibhu asks how is your health,uncle says very fine,Vibhu says let’s proceed home,you have a gift too for us,ccuncle says this is for Gulfamkali and leaves.

Saxena with milk in hand and looking for a cat. Anita on call says yes I thought many men lessons who ill treat their wives and one was tiwraiji,Tiwari walks in,Anita says let me call you later and says so how are you ,Tiwari starts crying,Anita asks what’s wrong,Tiwari says I’m sad,Anita says look stop crying you are a man they don’t cry but make women cry,tell me what’s wrong,Tiwari says last night something

happened which shouldn’t,Anguri hit me hard,Anita says really Anguriji hit you,Anita says this should happen everyday,I mean you yell at her everyday so what if she hits you one day,Tiwari says i scold her with love,Anita says she hit you with love then,Tiwari says look at the bruises , Anita says enough have you ever try seeing the brusie you have given her when you keep scolding her,don’t be quite say something ,Tiwari things she is in full mood of women empowerment and leaves.

Tiwari on call says wow good you made me an order I will dispatch in a week,bye, tiwraiji says Anguri is very upset but I’m in profit let me console her and calls her,Anguri walks in upset,Tiwari says come sit her,Anguri says don’t talk to me,Tiwari says is this how angry are you,what can I do I’m in losses so I scold you I’m so sorry,Anguri says but promise me in future you won’t do it again,Tiwari says for now come to me and his back twists again,Anguri says lie down I will get oil to massage your back.

Cat girl again walks in,Tiwari thinks it’s Anguri and says switch off the light,she does so and starts hitting Tiwari again and scratches his back hard,and leaves,Anguri walks in with oil and puts in the light. Tiwari looks at Anguri and says go to sleep,Anguri says let me massage you I shall even scatrch your back a bit you will feel good.

Anguri in kitchen says god knows what’s wrong with laddu key bhaiya he is misbehaving a lot,Vibhu walks to her and says I’m not good as well,Anguri says I think of calling Amaji,but I can’t if she comes here it would all be a mess,Vibhu says bhabhiji I think Anu is avoiding me,Anguri says Amaji will come and start hitting him,so I myself have to find a solution,Vibhu says I’m trying to say Anita doesn’t love me anymore,Anguri says I say do scold me but when I’m at fault not without any reason,Vibhu says bhabhiji I think anu will dump me and she is dating someone,Anguri says when daddy comes here and misbehaves with laddu key bhaiya I fight with him but laddu key bhaiya look at him,Vibhu says bhabhiji I feel like committing suicide ,Anguri says I can’t see anyone insult Tiwari but he still doesn’t care about me,Vibhu says good bye,Anguri says yes bye.

Happu Prem tikka malkhan at Gulfamkali bar,happu begins with poetry,tikka malkhan make fun of him,happu says these too are good for nothing spoiling my mood,Prem says you continue ,happu narrates poetry but no one likes it. Gaulfamkali walks in and asks what’s wrong,happu says just begin with your performance,Gulfamkali begins with her performance,the lights go off.

A spot light falls at centre stage on cat girl,happu asks what is this,tikka says she is meow girl,she is the hot topic in town and teaches every person who chooses the wrong way a good lesson,Cat girl says you guessed me right,Prem says we are all good here,she asks so what was going on here,happu says entertainment,Gulfamkali no I was forced to dance,happu says liar,cat girl says you were given this uniform to take care of women but you misuse it,you fraud corrupt officer,happu says I will manage by my way get out,and Gulfamkali get up begin with your performance.

Cat girl gives happu Singh nice whacking,and scratches Prem and happus face,she hits every men in bar. Vibhu waiting for Anita to arrive and says uncle is fine and Anita is lying let’s see what will she say today,Anita walks in and asks why didn’t you sleep yet, vibhu asks where were you,oh let me guess uncle right,Anita says yes,vibhu says I guess he won’t do it fine and baby you looking very hoy,let’s romance tonight,Anita says what now it’s too late good night,Vibhu says but you can romance anytime,Anita says I was out of mind,I’m tried I will change and sleep,good night,and leaves,Vibhu sees Anita’s phone and she receives message from commissioner that he will be waiting tomorrow night and Vibhu shouldn’t know about it,Vibhu says she was looking for successful old man oh my god.

Pre cap : Tilu tells Vibhu he saw Anita last night get out of bushes.
Commisners says Anita bhabhi I hope no one saw you come out of bushes,she says no no,he says even I came out covered in blanket,happu hears them talk.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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