Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 26th January 2018 Written Episode Update: tikka malkhan plan revealed.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 26th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vibhu and Tiwari on their way home from market,Vibhu says this Anu got tikka home,and I have to cook for him,tiwari says angrui too,wants to serve needy and has got malkhan home,we need to plan and throw them away before it’s to late,Vibhu says you are right,Saxena hears them talk.

Saxena says you two are very cheap,you are throwing two needy people out of your house,tiwari about to slap,Vibhu says don’t that’s his punishment,we won’t slap him,Saxena leaves dishearten.vibhu says Ok I shall leave,I have to make soup for that tikka,Happu comes running,and says did you see that person,in shirt,and red scarf,troubling me so much,I have never ran so much,tiwari says how will you,look are you belly,it’s increased eating all the bribe,a man comes and hits Tiwari.


says oh he looks like the man Happu Singh is looking for and says Happu is this the man,Happu says yes,and shouts run and the man run and Happu runs behind him and Vibhu says it’s fun to tease Happu let’s go.

Anu says I’m so upset with them,Anguri says me too,look they are here,Anu says Vibhu what all is this you are planning to throw tikka out of house,you are so insensitive,Anguri says and you planning to throw malkhan,Vibhu says no we didn’t,who told you,Saxena comes out,Vibhu slaps him,tiwari slaps him too,Saxena says now I like it,Vibhu says baby he is a liar,he is mad and if I didn’t want tikka why would I bring all the list you asked me for,tiwari says he is right,I got fruits for juice and you believed this mad person.anguri says how nice let’s go,anus has how sweet of you vibhu and Leaves,Saxena says please slap me more.

Vibhu feeding tikka soup,Anu smiling looking at them,and says Vibhu careful the hot soup may fall on them,tikka says Bhaiya she is right,Anu says tikka how is the soup,Vibhu says if you didn’t like it it’s fine,tikka says no it’s so good and Bhaiya cooked it himself,my mom use to make it and starts crying,Vibhu says stop it,have you ever heard of this soup,I shall slap you liar,Anu says Vibhu look he is so weak,show him some love,vibbu purposely drops some soup on him and so oh no I’m sorry,Anu says tikka feeling better,Tika says yes bhabhiji,Anu says vibbu I’m getting food and then you will feed him food,Vibhu says has he lost his hands,anu says how insensitive,he is weak,he is just back from ICU,tikka says yes when I lift my hand I feel giddy,Anu says don’t worry I will get you food,and Vibhu be with him,tikka says don’t leave me here,let me come.
Vibhu forces soup in his mouth.

Anguri giving malkhan food,malkhan says I’m missing my mom,Anguri says I’m like your mother too,malkhna says you made me emotional,tiwari says eating as if there’s drought from tomorrow,angrui says you will have one more roti,malkhan says no I’m full,I can’t have anything else,he gets hiccups,Anguri says oh looks like someone is missing you,malkhan says no this happenes when someone curses me,tiwari says have water,
Malkhan says why water our body has 70% water why some more,bhabhiji anything in’s weet,angrui says yes kheer,tiwari says get out you are fine now,malkhan says why I feel like I should talk to Amaji before I leave,tiwari says I’m joking have food ok,malkhan says bhabhi Ma some kheer please.

Vibhu wakes up and says Anu I cant sleep,they sleeping in hall,Vibhu says we here in hall and he is in my bedroom,Anu says he is weak,Vibhu says my mood is bad good night,Anu says I shall look after it and sings for him to cheer him up,Vibhu joins him and both share quality time and go to sleep,but bell rings,Anu says always someone arrives at wrong time, Vibhu opens the door to see prem and Gulfamkali.

Anu asks why are they here,Vibhu asks how come here,Gulfamkali says her bar caught fire so I got her here,Vibhu says take her to hotel,your house,why here,prem says I have guests at my place and hotel bills,I haven’t still paid the past bills,so I got her here,Anu says she is in trouble let’s help her,Vibhu asks where shall we accommodate here there’s no place,Gulfamkali says I shall sleep on sofa no issues,Vibhu says god what life I have.

Tiwari massaging malkhan leg,he says Bhaiya it’s so good,tiwari says shut up and go to bed or else I shall kill you,malkhan closes eyes,tiwari says good he slept,my hands are paining,malkhan says don’t stop,tiwari says this Anguri and Amaji trouble me.malkahn starts snoring,tiwari goes beside Anguri and calls Anguri,she wakes up scared,tiwari says why didn’t you ask him to sleep on floor,Anguri says he is ill,poor and Amaji asked to serve needy,tiwari says but why bed,Anguri says let me ask Amaji if it’s allowed,tiwari says no need its fine.

Malkhan and tikka wake up and come out of house,tikka wear glasses and picks up newspaper and says oh it’s so sunny and says oh this life I love it,malkhan says thanks to food poisoning,tikka says these soft beds,malkhan says Tiwari Bhaiya gives so good massage,tikka says I’m not going from here,Tiwaris and mishras listening them talk,malkhan says we won’t we shall keep in with this act,both turn around and are surprised.

Tikka turns to malkhan, malkahn says tikka I’m feeling fresh and healthy now,tikka says me too,I’m feeling energetic,why stay here let’s go home,malkhan says yes and both leave,Gulfamkali walks out of the house,and stands beside Vibhu,Gulfamkali says thank you,Anguri asks what is she doing here,Gulfamkali waves at Tiwari,Gulfamkali calls and says so did police leave ok I shall come and says please send my pillow and blanket at my place thank you and leaves.

Pre cap : tikka says this bike is love bike.
Vibhu shooting Anguri on phone says say I love you and blow me a kiss.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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