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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 26th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with anita standing at the balcony and is saying that what must be happening down and how is vibhu handling the situation? She says that once uncle gives 2 or 4 crore rupees to vibhu then they will setup a business and she will make her grooming classes bigger. Then tiwari comes. He tells anita that is anguri safe there? Anita says dont worry. Tiwari says he is not worried about vibhu but is worried about that uncle because he is cheap. Anita says dont worry and vibhu is there and you ho and rest in the bedroom. Tiwari smiles and says then lets go. Anita says what? Tiwari says i mean you rest in anguris bedroom and i will go down in the hall. At vibhus balcony uncle comes. Tiwari sees and tells anita see that. Anita sees uncle. Uncle comes and he sees anita and tiwari.

He gets shocked and calls vibhu. Vibhu loudly. He tells him what is this girl doing here who threw ink on me? Vibhu says thats their problem and its her house. Then uncle tells anita what are u doing here? Anita says its my house. Uncle asks who is that? Tiwari says i am her husband. Vibhu is angry from behind. Vibhu tells uncle let them be as they do not speak with them because tiwari is cheap and vibhu takes uncle down. Tiwari tells anita darling lets go in. Anita says its ok tiwari dont need to get into the character.
Uncle bids farewell as he is going. Vibhu tells please stay and why are you going so early. Uncle tells he met him and his wife then what is the need to stay longer. Anguri tells that yes uncle stay for a day. Tiwari and anita are hiding and watching this. Vibhu tells uncle that stay and he will show him gulfam kali. Uncle laughs and tells he would buy next time and he has work or else flight will go. Then uncle says get aside i want to speak with sunita. Vibhu says stay back and speak. Uncle tells just come aside. Vibhu goes aside. Then uncle tells he wants to give his property on sunitas name. Vibhu seems happy but tells that i am your nephew and give it to me. Uncle tells no you will spend it and i will give it on her name. Uncle asks sunita her full name and anguri tells her name is anguri manmohan tiwari. Uncle says what? Vibhu says oh her dads name is manmohan tiwari so she pits dads name. Uncle says oh. Then uncle goes and says he will put a will for her. Anita and tiwari come and anita tells they are in problem and uncle is givong will to anguri. Anguri and tiwari tell dont be tensed and they will give her the property and tiwari and anguri go. Anita tells vibhu that you cant do a simple thing and vibhu says it all messed up.
At night everyone is sleeping. Uncle sudsenly comes in auto and gets down. He rings the bell. Anita tells vibhu to open the door and tells it must be milkman. Vibhu tells you go. Anita goes with utensil and opens the door. She says give 2 lites of milk. Uncle is shocked to see anita. Anita opesn her eyes then screams and closes the door. Uncle also screams after door is closed. Vibhu comes down. Anita tells uts uncle again and he has seen me. Vibhu says what and why did u ask for milk at 2 am in the night? Anita says she thought it was morning. Vibhu says you go and do something and i will handle the situation here. Anita goes and gets down from balcony. Vibhu opens the door and uncle comes in and says where is she? Vibhu says who? Uncle says he saw that anita. Vibhu says you say how did you come again and you didnt go? Uncle tells his flight was delayed so he came back. Vibhu tries to keep uncle busy in some talks while anita climbs the balcony of tiwaris house and wakes him up. Tiwari says what happened anita? Anita tells him about the situation and that she needs anguri. Tiwari says ok and wakes anguri and tells her to help anita. At home uncle tells he wants to check the bedroom and wants to see whether its sunita because ge was there with anita.vibhu tells he was not with anita and it was sunita. Vibhu tries to stop but uncle goes and sees up. Someone is sleeping and is covered with blanket. Then anguri removes blanket and turns aside. Uncle then says ok it is sunita. Vibhu says yes he was saying same thing and he didnt listen and lets go down. Uncle tells he still doubts and he thinks anita is in the house and he wants to go and check that house where anita is there and wants to see whether she is there. Vibhu says what amd its late night. Uncle says he doesnt know and uncle goes. He rings tiwaris door bell. Uncle gets electric shocks.

Precap: tiwari and anita are in balcony and at night tiwaris mom comes and tiwari says oh my god why did mom come so late at night.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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