Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 26th February 2018 Written Episode Update Tiwari calls anguri sister

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 26th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tiwari asks why you guys look scared,anguri says you hit Vibhuti so bad and now you ask what’s wrong,Tiwari asks why will I he is my hero,Vibhu says shut up you did,tiwari says why will I and I’m sorry if I did something wrong and you can also,Vibhu slaps him back,tiwari says come now,anu says I don’t feel like acting,anguri and Vibhu says neither do we,Tiwari says please don’t do this to me my all savings have been put into this film,anu says ok let’s go begin with rehearsals,and both leave,Vibhu says Tiwari if now again,director says go do rehearsals,scared vibhu runs in.

Happy with tikka malkhan at tea stall,happu asks what’s up,tiwrai says as you know tiwari is directing film and wants us to work for free,happu says see at least 5000 is required,malkhan says not that

then 500, and I have so many kids and a wife 5000 is required,saxena walks in and tikka says tell your boss that we won’t work for free,saxena says he will be here you guys tell him,happu says sure we will we aren’t scared of him ,Tiwari as hello and sits on the chair and director enters his body.

Director asks so what is it,saxena says dada these boys wants to tell you something,happu says Tiwari look we can’t work for free,tikka says yes we need money,director says this won’t do,and slaps tikka malkhan and bites tikkas ass and pulls malkhans hair.

Happu says don’t hit me I’m inspector,director says I shall keep hitting you till you agree,saxena asks so what is your decision,all say yes we will.anguri prays god I feel so unsecured even to be romantic with tiwrai god knows when will he call me sister,Tiwari walks to her from behind and asks why you look scared,anguri asks are you fine,Tiwari says perfectly fine and you,anguri says same here,Tiwari says why scared then let’s talk romantic today,anguri says even I feel like being romantic with you,Tiwari says who stopped you,anguri says close your eyes now and says I love you,director says sister this won’t do,anguri gets scared and runs away.

Vibhu hitting pillow and says Tiwari I shall break your bones,anu walks to him and says you can’t do anything in front of him why hit pillow,Vibhu says I’m committed actor and he is director and that’s against my principles and look what I’m going through,I told you I don’t want to.anu says you are right something is wrong with Tiwari.

Anguri climbs to balcony on ladder,anu asks what’s wrong,anguri says again sister,and I have an request can I please stay here tonight,anu says sure,Vibhu says why not,anu says Vibhu go downstairs and sleep and we shall sleep here.

Vibhu Wakes to door bell,and thinks it must be uncle it’s him so late always,saxena walks in with the chair,Vibhu asks what is this,Tiwari follows and sits on the chair,Vibhu asks what is this,director says it’s rehearsals time,anu and anguri hiding and watching,Vibhu says don’t you see it’s so Kate night,Director slaps him and says start the rehearsals,saxena hand him the script,anu says something is fishy,Tiwari has become so violent,call amaji.

Doctor questioning Tiwari and asks why do have sisterly feelings towards your wife,and is it just her or other women,Director says only anguri,doctor asks and amaji,Director says she looks like a dinosaur,amaji slaps him,doctor says he has jaundice,amaji says are you mad,doctor says jaundice makes blood thin and turns to water and thus the brain stops working and these symptoms,Director says please come with me I have some personal issue,doctor walks with him inside.

Anguri says amaji I’m so sacred,amaji says don’t worry all will be fine,amaji and anguri hear yelling sound,doctor comes out all injured and leaves.

Amaji says I will treat this boy now and slaps Tiwari,Director shouts over her,amaji says I feel he is being possessed I shall consult pandit ramphal,Director says this won’t do,anguri says Tiwari,Director says yes sister,sacred anguri runs into bedroom and says what shall I do now,let me call daddy.

Anguri calls daddy,daddy asks how are you doing,she says I’m very sad,Tiwari calls me sister,daddy says what.

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Update Credit to: Tanaya

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