Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 26th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 26th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Saxena says tiwari n vibhuti where behind me for same reason, for my property, tiwari says I didn’t have any such agenda, saxena says u may take me asmad but I do have brains n happu singh u forget abt me, n u two have no standards only my bhabhi ma’s truly loved me n now I will shift to my own house n will come to meet them whenever I wish too n bye now.
Anita reading newspaper n goes through a offer from travels of free Shimla tour n calls vibhuti n says look at this offer, vibhuti says I think the owner has gone crazy how can he give such offer, anita says why do we care abt that just have fun n use the offer, vibhuti says whats wrong with our city why leave n go,anita says vibhu u are a stupid frog keep decaying in this city n leaves, vibhuti says god no respect for me.

shows same offer to tiwari, tiwari says what will we do in Shimla, anguri says we will go see huge mountains, tiwari says watch on tv, anguri says I will talk to amaji abt it, tiwari asks why amaji, anguri says u always fool me, tiwari says ok darling lets go Shimla, vibhuti joins n says are u going Shimla, tiwari anguri say why don’t u two join us, vibhuti says sure let me tell anu abt it n leaves.
Anitavery upset abt Shimla cancellation, vibhut goes to her n starts laughing n says got u, anita says why are u laughing, vibhuti says Shimla plan is on, I had read it before I was just kidding with u, cmon lets go, anita says I never understand u, vibhuti says whatever I love u a lot darling, anita says then why did u say no in morning, vibhtui says just kidding n want to see u angry, u look so beautiful when angry, anita says is it why u find no job n make me crazy abt it, I love u too, vibhuti says shall I share this offer with tiwaris will have company, anita says sure more the merrier, vibhuti says anu pack ur special outfits like the honey moon stuff.
Tiwari scolding on call, anguri comes there n says laddoo ke bhaiya, tiwari says plz don’t bother me, anguri says whats wrong with u, n ur stupid stall, tiara says don’t call it so, this all things are because of my stall, anguri says this everything form my dadu n u scolding me I will never talk to u n not come to Shimla as well n leaves, vibhuti comes there, tiwari says we aren’t coming me n anguri had a fight, vibhuti says u are so cheap why do trouble bhabhiji, I don’t lik guys who harass ladies, tiwari says go n do whatever u wish too, vibhuti says I will go n convince bhabhiji, anguri says u vibhutiji go away don’t u have any work get out.
Anita tells minal on call abt Shimla trip, vibhuti comes there, vibhuti says anu we are not going Shimla, my friend said weather isn’t good there, anita says what rubbish it is, vibhtui say swhy don’t u understand its so risky, so I have cancelled it, unpack the stuff, anita says I will never come anywhere with u, go to hell.
Tiwari goes to anguri n tries buttering her, anguri say si don’t wish to talk to u, stop buttering, anguri says u need no butter, u are a butter, anguri says oh really I am bitter guard go now,I don’t want to talk to me, u hurt me, tiwari says we are going Shimla cmon, anguri says I am coming no where with u, tiwari says I will pick u in my arms n take u Shimla, anguri says don’t u touch me, a song on radio plays rooth na jana, tiwari butters her n convince her, anguri gets convinced n both get ready for Shimla.
Tiwari n anguri call anita, anita is very upset n comes out, anguri asks whats wrong why are u upset, anita says vibhu spoilt my mood, anguri says come with us cmon, anita says vibhu cancelled all plans n I have no mood now, tiwari says even we wont go if u don’t come, anguri say cmon anitaji plz,anita says ok I will come but not with vibu, anguri says ok u come fast.
Anita go gets her bag, vibhu keeps asking her where are u going, tiwari says we are going Shimla,vibhuti says without me, anita says yes go away sit in ur house, anita leaves with tiwari n anguri.

precap: vibhuti says to anguri, bhabhiji what are u doing so late on roads, anguri starts dancing on yaar na miley,vibhuti shocked n surprised.

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