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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 26th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with anita calling vibhu and he is sleeping as she is eating breakfast. Commissioner calls anita. She tells commissioner it is you. She says oh you have a job for me. Anita says yes I am good at that and will do it. Vibhu comes and is wearing blanket and says why are you calling me so early? Anita says early? Its afternoon 12. Vibhu goes and sleeps on couch. Anita says its not cold, vibhu says I am feeling cold. Anita says everyone is wearing normal clothes and you are feeling cold? Vibhu says yes. Anita says anyway commissioner gave me a work to report those policemen who do not do their work properly at night so I have to do reporting at night. Vibhu says what at night? Are you mad? Anguri comes and calls anita. Vibhu gets up and is totally covered in blanket and tries

getting up. He sits beside anita. Anguri brings gajar ka halwa and vibhu says wow I love it. Anita says vibhu loves it and eats it herself. Vibhu removes his hand from blanket and eats it. Anguri says its not hot and you are weak vibhu. Anita says yes. Vibhu says why are you insulting me? Anita says so now you aren’t feeling cold? Vibhu sits back in blanket.
There tiwari is walking down street and comes by the banyan tree where a saint is sitting. Tiwari says I am feeling so cold and if you make tea please make it. Saint says it seems you are feeling cold and those who feel cold in so much heat have become weak from inside. Tiwari says yes and is shocked. He asks do you have a remedy for that. Saint says yes but give me 2000rs. Tiwari says okay. Saint removes a tablet and says take this. Tiwari takes it and starts feeling more cold, he says what did you give me? Saint says sorry take this, and tiwari takes it. Suddenly tiwari feels very hot and says take this money and goes dancing home.
There doctor is treating vibhu and says to anita that vibhu is getting older from inside as his lungs are filled with coldness. Anita says what? And tells vibhu I told you don’t drink more alcohol, vibhu says he is talking about lungs not liver. Anita says whatever it is. Vibhu says he is dumb and I am not getting old. Tiwari comes and is dabbing himself with handkerchief as he is feeling hot and asks what happened to vibhu? Anita says he is feeling cold and doctor says he is getting old from inside. Tiwari says what and says then I am younger and strong as see how much hot I am feeling and there is sweat coming down from my head. Tiwari then presses his handkerchief and water is coming out of it. He says see so much sweat. Vibhu says he is lying and he has put it under water. Tiwari laughs. Anita says tiwari is right and he is younger than you. Vibhu says no. doctor says so anyway I will go and give me fees. Vibhu removes hand to slap, doctor says no its okay I will go as you are family.
At tea stall, happu singh tells on phone I don’t want to do duty tonight. He sits. Tika and malkhan come and happu says man I will not do duty tonight but if commissioner knows then I will be fired. Tika and malkhan say why? In winter more robberies happen so you should be there. Tika says otherwise do 1 thing and put a corn stall and shout take corn!! Take corn!! Happu slaps tika and says shut up. He says I have a job for you and do every nights duty and I will give you 100rs. They both go.
At night tiwari is watching tv and reporter is feeling cold too, its very cold in Kanpur. Reporter says the news is that the cold will persist for 2 months and you will have to suffer it. Tiwari says damn this is getting worse. Anguri comes and gets under the blanket and says its so cold laddo ke bhaiya. Tiwari says yes. Anguri says I am feeling romantic. Tiwari says shut up and sleep its too cold. Anguri says no and removes his blanket. Tiwari says what are you doing and takes the blanket. Anguri then puts her hand around tiwaris head and starts romancing as pelu in the street starts a song on his radio tape. Anguri is romancing with tiwari on a song.
There vibhu in his room is feeling cold and anita comes and says I am going for the reporting on television and she wears woolen clothes. Vibhu says are you mad and its so cold at night and you want to go in the cold to do reporting? Anita says yes and I want to do it for our country and expose policemen who don’t do their work properly.

Precap: anita tells tiwari that why don’t you volunteer ? and at night I am going to do reporting and I will take your interview.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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