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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 26th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,vibhuti anita take cheddi to tiwari and they connect him with all wires and cheddi says tat are u going to give me current and tiwari says no we will only get to know r u telling the truth or no and then tiwari asks anita to ask him question and cheddi says tat pls don’t ask where i was last night and vibhuti says tat we don’t care where were u in the farms or not and chedi says tat how do u know i was in farms and the machine blings green and then anguri says tat he is saying truth and then anita asks him tell me truly do u wash the clothes with washing powder or caustic soda and cheddi says tat i wash with washing powder and the machine blinks with red and then anita says tat he is lieing and anita says him to tell the truth and he then says sorry and says here

after i will not use caustic soda and ask them to give cloths to him for washing and then anguri says i will not give and ask him to leave and vibhuti then takes him out and says wat a cheap man is this cheddi and he then says tat lets call panditji and test him and anita says y should we call some one when we have two people here and vibhuti asks who two tiwari and anita says u and then anita aks tiwari to sit and asks anguri to asks question while vibhuti says its better i leave and tiwari tells anita tat see he is trying to escape and anita asks him to sit and anguri asks tiwari tat y do u keep moustaches and tiwari answers tat i keep it because u like it and the machine blinks green so its true and the anguri gets happy and vibhuti says to her tat anguri pls ask sensible and intelligent questions while anita asks him to be quiet and then anguri says next question i want to know tat once when i cooked bharva bhendi u didn’t had it and u said tat u had stomach pain u really had pain or u had food outside and tiwari answers tat i really had pain and the machine blinks green and anguri jumps in happiness tat tiwari is telling the truth and then he says thank u my darling and anita says to anguri tat they were not so good questions and then anita asks vibhuti to sit
Anita then asks vibhuti tat tell me when u mom gossips and complain about me do u agree to her and complaint and vibhuti says no i only say tat anita is good and the machine blinks green and anguri says he is telling the truth and anita gets happy and then she asks ok tell me how much do u love me and then he says tat i love u very much and the machine blings green and anguri says tat he is saying the truth and then anita feels good while tiwari is not happy and then vibhuti says tat this all is enough for today and lets go and anita says wait i have last question for u do u have any other girl in u r mind and vibhuti thinks tat this was the question i was actually trying to avoid now if i answered i will be caught and if i didn’t then also i will be caught and so he starts vibrating and seeing him anguri says tat may be he is getting feats and anita gets up in worry and then vibhuti is seen sleeping in his room where anita says tat this never happened to vibhuti and asks him to get up but he is not reacting and then tiwari says tat iw ill bring my dirty socks once he will smell he will get up and listening to this vibhuti gets up and says tat i don’t need tat socks therapy and then says i feeling so ill and then tiwari says lets start the incomplete lie detection test and vibhuti shouts at tiwari saysing tat he is so ill and he is thinking to complete the test and then anita says ok we will do it later and then vibhuti asks anguri to pls take tiwari away and then tiwari while leaving says tat anita bhabhi we will start the next session as soon as he gets well and anita says ok sure definitely and then she says to vibhuti tat u take rest and get well soon as u soon need to complete the test

Tiwari then meets hapu singh at teat stall and says tat i will require this machine as anguri wants to take a lie detector test o f me and Hapu singh says tat i will cost u money for using tat machine 500 rs everytime u use and tiwari says tat ok agreed but wat i want to say tat as u know wives really ask difficult questions so i m scared if anguri asks me something and the machine blinks red saying tat i m lieing and hapu singh laughs at it and says tat so u want to play safe and tiwari says yes i want to know as u relate to it

Vibhuti says to hapu singh tat i m going for the test u come and says u need the machine and then i will be saved and hapu singh agrees to come but he then gets a call from his senior to soon attend the office and he says ok and says sorry vibhuti i cant save u and all the best and then anita is seen asking vibhuti to start the session of lie detecting

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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