Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 26th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 26th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anita says I told u doc he can’t see,tell me what’s the remedy,doc says u know I’m a doctor and a tantric n my knowledge says he can never see now,Anita says u are useless I have to take Vibhu to some specialist,Vibhu u don’t worry, Vibhuti says doc plz don’t tell anyone I can’t see,doc says sure but will charge extra,Anita’s ays take this n leave right away.

Tiwari enters n says hello bhabhiji are u fine why was doc here,Anita says I’m fine Vibhu is unwell,Tiwari says why what’s wrong,Anita says no nothing just fever,Tiwari says anyways anguri is here so we would like to have you two for dinner at our place,Anita says great I shall come but Vibhu he can’t,Vibhuti says why I will come too,Anita says no u need rest.


at his house says anguri is dinner ready,she says yes it is n where’s Vibhuti and anitaji, Tiwari says bhabhiji will come but Vibhuti is unwell,anguri says oh sad,Anita comes n says hello anguriji n hugs her,anguri says how are u, an I missed u a lot,anguri says me too n cooked special biriyani for u,Tiwari says come lets have dinner,anguri says Vibhutiji,Anita says he slept,anguri says ok u take parcel for him later,Anita says sure.

Anita n Tiwari having dinner,Vibhuti stumbling here n there falls on Tiwari n tiwaris face in his plate,Anita says u are unwell what are u doing here,Vibhuti says the delicious food pulled me here, anguri says good u came come take a seat,Vibhuti goes n sits in tiwaris lap n says bhabhiji ur chair is very pricky,Tiwari says it’s not Spring its me,Vibhuti says why u sat on my place I’m sorry n abt to sit in anguris lap but everyone stops,Anita says u are so embarrassing anguriji plz pack n give food n takes Vibhuti along with her.

In bedroom,Vibhuti says not fare Anu why u did this,Anita says when I told not to come why did u come,Vibhuti says I told u why I came but I was managing, Anita says u were so embarrassing n leaves n goes in balcony.

Anguri listening to music,Tiwari says what are u listening,anguri says bhojpuri song, Tiwari says u are here after so long don’t u feel anything,anguri says no nothing what abt u tell me,Tiwari says I’m feeling like we met first time n u act like that too n then how I caught ur hand,anguri says plz stop.

Saxena plays guitar, Tiwari trying to vow anguri,Anita sees that n smiles,Saxena smiles pehla pehla pyaar hain,Anita says Vibhu come here see anguri n tiwariji look so cute n Romantic together,anguri n Tiwari in full romantic mood, Anita says u can’t see God n takes him inside,n dances with Vibhuti,Vibhuti trying to dance spoils everything,Anita gets angry n leaves.

Hapu Singh on call,doctor joins him at tea stall,Tiwari joins them too,Tiwari asks how are u talking to,hapu Singh says I was fixing up a guys marriage he cants we after 6 but all went vein,I had almost fixed the deal,Tiwari says why didn’t u tell the girl that the guy can’t see,doc says it’s not a big deal,hapu Singh says yes after 6 he will stay home,Tiwari says if emergency,hapu Singh says why are u making so many enquires,doc says shut up u too I’m so worried abt Anita bhabhi, Tiwari says why what happened,doc says she is fine,Vibhuti has lost sight,hapu Singh says who cares but Anitaji what will she do,Tiwari says I will manage her,I mean me n anguri will look after her,hapu singh says why u even I’m her neighbour,Tiwari says I’m the closest,doc says see don’t tell this to anyone keep it a secrete,Tiwari says sure.

Vibhuti in his house,waiting for his sight to return n see anguri,Tiwari walks in with Gulfamkali ,Gulfamkali holds his hand,Vibhuti says Anu what’s wrong n by the way why u feel so healthy today ,Anita walks n says Vibhu,Vibhuti says U are here but sound so far,Anita says bcoz I’m here n the one near u is Gulfamkali .

Gulfamkali says I came here to ask abt his eyes but he pulled me n started calling Anita,Vibhuti says she is lying,Tiwari walks in n says she isn’t,u are lying,Anita says I trust my Vibhu n so I don’t care what others say.

Pre cap : anguri asks Vibhuti how am I looking,Vibhuti says u look good in pink,anguri says but I’m wearing blue.
Vibhuti in his balcony with Saxena how is bhabhiji looking,Saxena says like my mother,Vibhuti slaps him n while doing so slips of the balcony n falls on Tiwari.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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